Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff

Muscle Bottom Jack Emhoff Loves Reese Rideout’s Big Stiff Dick

It’s been a busy month for muscle daddy Reese Rideout, who returned again to the studio that made him a star when he pounded hung Jack Aries in a hot airing earlier this month. Now the hunk gets paired with Jack Emhoff, who restarted his career at RandyBlue a few months ago when he ditched the Luca del Rey moniker and bent over for Michael Jackman.

Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff

Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff

The result is as hot as I had hoped for, and that’s because these two have a great connection (look at those smiles!). Jack loves getting his mouth stuffed and his face whipped with that steel shaft, and Reese loves rubbing Jack’s body throughout the scene (much like he did in admiration of Jack Aries). That’s all on display when Jack Emhoff bends his head over the ledge of the bed and gets his mouth plowed.

Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff

Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff Reese Rideout, Jack Emhoff

Then the bottom mounts that dick and rides, and thankfully takes off that damn jockstrap later (why keep that on at all?!) when he gets an aggressive fuck—his dick nice and stiff as Reese grips Jack’s gorgeous hair (even when it’s shorter!) and rams him doggy. Then Jack gets on his back (still rock hard!) as Reese fucks and strokes him at the same time. Who should Reese manhandle next at RandyBlue?

See the full scene at RandyBlue!


27 thoughts on “Muscle Bottom Jack Emhoff Loves Reese Rideout’s Big Stiff Dick”


    Reese Rideout represents the best of what the porn industry has to offer. He gets better with age and is so committed to every scene he’s in

  2. A little bit too much spray tan but Reese Rideout still got it! He’s without a doubt the GOAT of gay porn bar none

  3. Reese Rideout is the best porn star out there. He’s so talented and wish he filmed more scenes even though he’s older now. Simply the best

    1. Reese is on another level. There’s a reason he’s had longevity as a porn star. He has that something special other porn stars don’t have.

      1. I hope NakedSword does a collaboration with Reese Rideout soon. His talent as a performer is unmatched

  4. Love seeing a cute guy like him getting fucked and actually enjoying it. The eyes rolling back into his head and a constant hard dick is a true sign he’s enjoying every inch!

  5. Reese Rideout is still the sexiest gay porn star in the business. Not only is he a great performer but his personality makes him even more attractive. So happy for Reese and his continued success in the industry because he deserves all the success in the world

  6. Reese is one hot mother fucking daddy! And his mouth watering cock is always pointing north while knowing exactly how to satisfy his partner!

  7. Why is Reese so tan? I thought that tans like that went out in like the 70’s. Can you say “skin cancer” or “fake tan”.
    If he were a few shades lighter, he would be MUCH hotter.

  8. It’s been a busy month for Reese with his new hair system from the Drew Dixxon polyester collection, and starting his go fund me for a penis extension. (I’d probably remove the “big” from any part of this post)
    And then there is Lucy Del Ray…sorry I mean “Jack Emhoff” with her high pitched, over dramatic noise… As if he couldn’t get any cheesier he has somehow managed it with his new persona

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