“my boy had him an ASIAN boy this afternoon lol”


“[W]ere out chilling with the home boy and were in the mean streets of hialeah! yea FOO!! lol anyway we spot something out of the ordinary..AN ASIAN BOY!..just walking around so i just had to try it out and who knew…he was gay so my boy just had to have a piece of this guys ass lol ..we chit chatted and this guy was all in after i can tell so i offered some loot and he took it..my boy had him an ASIAN boy this afternoon lol.”

That’s the copy for an Out In Public scene that came out a month ago, but I came across it today and am posting it now for three reasons. One, the subtly racist yet charming title: “Cum On Sum Yung Guy!” Two, despite the gimmicks (public sex, and it’s interracial!), the fucking is really hot (in an oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-I’m-watching-this kind of way). And three, the chihuahua.

Can I get an “I can’t” up in here?

[Out In Public: Cum On Sum Yung Guy]

11 thoughts on ““my boy had him an ASIAN boy this afternoon lol””

  1. Ok, let’s revisit what racism actually means. I realize that we are dealing with a society that has gone mad with political correctness.

    Racism is fundamentally a hatred or intolerance of another race. More specifically vilifying or discriminating against someone on the basis of their race.

    I read the scene description as quite the opposite. It was written as though they were excited to have included a man of Asian descent.

    Your pulling at strings to say Cum On Sum Yung Guy incites a hatred or intolerance.

  2. I don’t really see what the big deal is here.

    The site is meant to come across that it’s just a guy cruising around picking up men off the street. As such, the copy is written to appear although it’s just average joe writing it.

    I didnt watch the scene, but the description is by no means racist.

    1. You don’t see how referring to the guy in question as “The Asian Guy” over and over again, like he was some exotic animal or mutant or something, because people NEVER see or have sex with people of Asian descent — okay. I don’t really see how that’s possible, but some people just aren’t clued in.

      But do you really not see how titling a scene “Cum On Sum Yung Guy!” might be questionable?

  3. I am putting that producer on my prayer list as we speak. “Dear lord, please inspire this man to hire a copyeditor who will not insult fans of grammar and ethnic groups. Amen.”

  4. …..that was the actual write up for a legit porn site?

    The complete lack of grammatical structure should’ve been a hint that the writer is either an ignorant fool or just is really good at portraying one.

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