“Naked” Interview With Of Montreal Singer Is Not Naked

A word of advice to The New Gay editor Zack Rosen: Don’t send me an email promoting your interview with Of Montreal singer Kevin Barnes saying that you’re “showing off a lot of skin and a fair amount of dick” when you are not in fact showing a lot of skin nor showing any dick. Lies! You’ve used your dick to your advantage before, so there’s no need to lie about it now. Lying will not get you anywhere and I will not post your dumb video!

That said, here’s Zack Rosen interviewing an extremely interested and engaged Kevin Barnes, with an assist from a hot piece in the background. 

(In case you missed them, the cock shots that made Zack Rosen an internet gaylebrity are below.)

Back story on how the cocks shots came to be.

And here’s an Of Montreal video for fun.



[The New Gay; You Tube]


5 thoughts on ““Naked” Interview With Of Montreal Singer Is Not Naked”

  1. Black Cat Cobalt

    Zack is the Queen of Shameless Wannabes. Him and his fugly partner are always good for a few cheap laughs if you ever see them out and about in DC.

  2. Hey Zach: If you look closely there’s a clear dick outline. You’ve seen the full thing already, I thought this time we could go for a little suggestiveness. I’ll never mislead you again. Thanks for posting, though.

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