Naked Model/Singer Is Naked/Singing In New Music Video

Men and Playgirl model Jet Kanashi continues to make me simultaneously aroused/embarrassed for him with another music video. And while the good news is that he’s nude throughout most of it, the bad news is that he’s also singing throughout most of it.

And, he’s not going by Jet Kanashi or even his other stage name, “Joel Evan,” any more. Now? Just call him “Sir Jet.” I can’t.

Here’s “Feelin’ Dirty,” and it’s actually a fun little clip of naked men in the shower and naked men dressing each other. Also, there are some women included, just to sexually confuse things. Watch with or (if you know what’s good for you) without sound:


My obsession with Joel/Jet/Sir Set, etc. goes back several years when he first appeared in Men. To hopefully justify posting the above video, here’s a sort of chronological look at his modeling career. Photos via Mark Henderson, Jeff Palmer, Mark Jenkins, Playgirl, Boots Bryant, and James Franklin.


5 thoughts on “Naked Model/Singer Is Naked/Singing In New Music Video”

  1. Wish he didn’t shave his body. Boys are hairless. Men are supposed to have body hair here and there.

  2. Well, this is a song I wouldn’t mind dancing to. Don’t hate on him because he has a singing voice.

    @cid. The video is kind of daring, at least short of being rated R. Wouldn’t you like to be the one soaping him up in the shower? Or putting your dog’s leash on him and licking his body?

    1. It’s just a bit boring. I thought it would be more like a r rated Gaga-esque or even Tori Amos-ish style video, more visual or conceptually out there. When I read it would be daring I had visions of him gyrating in a PCV thong, more slick-it-up than drip dry.

  3. So is he bisexual now? He is so hot, particularly in the Playgirl pictures. I had read the video would be a rather sexy and daring video, so it’s a bit of a let down.

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