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What You Need To Know To Properly Fuck Those MormonBoyz

“… and carry it with you for those unexpected times you need to ordain a young man like myself”~Elder Heart

Guys use lube. Gay guys use lube to fuck each other. We know by now, there are plenty of hot MomonBoyz. Sometimes they fuck each other too. But whether a sexually pure tender teen or a seasoned, hung Bishop, there is no ordination without consecration:

That means what we watched above …
…always happens before what we see below

[Watch the complete journey of MormonBoyz Elder Sorenson at NakedSword]

And it will happen again very soon. As we’ll soon discover at the MormonBoyz NakedSword Theater, young Elder Sorenson is about to be Inspected, then Indoctrinated, by Bishop Angus.


We’ll see you back here for Mormon Mondays. But one thing we have already learned: when it comes to MormonBoyz, there is no Inspection or Indoctrination without consecration either.

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