Newcomer Gage Palmer Gets Pounded By Hung & Fuzzy Jack Aries

If you aren’t familiar with Gage Palmer, you’re in for a treat. The bottom has been showing off his amazing ass and flexibility on Twitter (scroll through to see him spread those legs) and his, where he’s worshipped big cocks like new GayVN Performer of the Year Rhyheim Shabazz.

Now the cutie is making his studio debut, showing off his talents at CockyBoys with hairy and hung Jack Aries—fast becoming one of my favorites after fucking the likes of Hunter Graham (looking cute as ever in his comeback), Greyson Myles and Evan Knoxx.

Jack Aries, Gage Palmer Gage Palmer

Jack Aries, Gage Palmer Jack Aries, Gage Palmer

As the two embrace, Jack is quick to claim that ass—gripping and spreading it with his man hands, then fingering that hole. Gage then wraps his lips around the alpha’s hard cock, Jack gripping the sucker by the back of his neck and thrusting his dick inside (one of my favorite shots here, made even hotter by the hot slurp sounds Gage emits). We also get some hot slurp sounds as Jack munches on Gage’s hole (I love watching Jack rim…he loves it!), and a great overhead shot looks down on Gage’s gorgeous back and butt.

Jack Aries, Gage Palmer Jack Aries, Gage Palmer

Jack Aries, Gage Palmer Jack Aries, Gage Palmer

Jack pins him to the bed as he fucks him from behind, his hairy legs grazing the bottom’s bod (and check out those muscular arms as Jack supports himself). A hot spoon fuck shows off the top’s gorgeous shaft and sac, which we see again when Gage sits down on it and rides, his amazing ass right in our faces. The bottom also has a hot slab, which he jacks off as he rides—spilling his seed on Jack’s hot abs. What do you think of Gage and his hot ass?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


26 thoughts on “Newcomer Gage Palmer Gets Pounded By Hung & Fuzzy Jack Aries”

  1. Gage Palmer is good looking from the neck up. Beautiful from the Neck on Down. With a Gorgeous Beautiful Perfect Delicious Derriere.

  2. I used to fool around with “Jack” in college. He was a newbie back then, but it’s nice to see him comfortable in his skin. Super nice guy.


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