Next Door Studios Has 15 Exclusives? Let’s Rank Them

But not in some sort of boring, countdown-y way, like “Cody Cummings is #15 and Austin Wilde is #1.” Instead, I’ve separated them into three groups:  Fuck, Marry, and Kill.

I didn’t know many of these models were Next Door exclusives, but with the way scenes are filmed so far in advance, and the way some models are allowed to shoot for “DVD studios” on the side, and the way some other models simply film for other studios even though they signed a contract saying that they aren’t supposed to, who can say who is an exclusive for whom anymore? And who cares, really? As long as they’re cute, I don’t.

Anyway, here’s the Next Door roster of exclusives.

And here’s how I’ve divided them up. And please, don’t write me telling me that I’m mean for saying I want to “kill” someone. Fuck, Marry, Kill is just for fun! (Except in the cases of the guys I want to fuck–that’s not for fun, that’s for reals.)


Kevin Crows because I want to see one of his cum shots. Paul Wagner because it’s Paul Wagner duh. Cody Cummings because hate fucks are a thing. James Jamesson because I’ve had sex with insane people and I’ve had sex with hot people but I’ve never had sex with someone who was both insane and hot.


Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero because then we could have the country’s first gay, group marriage. Johnny Torque because he could introduce me to Calvin Klein and then, you know, fun old man times. Marcus Mojo because I want someone pretty to show off. Brandon Lewis because he’s too nice to kill and too nice to fuck.


Tyler Torro and Trystan Bull because both their last names mean the same thing and that’s just silly. Marko LeBeau because there are too many bottoms on the loose. Samuel O’Toole because he’d never marry me or bottom for me and there’s no way I’m bottoming for him. James Huntsman because I don’t know who he is and, as a rule, you should kill people if you don’t know who they are. Rod Daily because he is a Birther.

Your turn now. Who would you Fuck, Marry, Kill?



36 thoughts on “Next Door Studios Has 15 Exclusives? Let’s Rank Them”

  1. I would watch trystan bull jerk off, one last time before I kill him, because he is a bad actor! He can masturbate really well though!

  2. Fuck: Tyler Torro-to nice of a dick to get ride of and a great body also
    Marry: Marcus Mojo-if I marry him, I can fuck him too.
    Kill: Rod Daily-while he is very hot, I have issues with the supporting or Donald Trump.

  3. FUCK: trystan bull (the frat boy antics with the canadian accent is super hot), samuel o toole (the cock, the arab good looks) and paul wagner
    MARRY: eh
    KILL: Cody Cummings, never did it for me. Dont see the appeal.

  4. James Jamesson is probably the first red-headed guy that is hot and handsome (especially when he shows off that hairy chest) in Next Door Pass. And, a very interesting mind. So, when is he going to have his own site on NDP? The man always gives a great performance and steamy kisses!

    Second is Rod Daily, great personality and smile. But, I prefer him a little hairier…still, you can’t say “no” to that smile that brings out the sunshine to your day.

    Cody Cummings…handsome, but kind of lame.

  5. Rod Daily has been one of my top faves ever since he was in the old Studio 2000 movies with bleach blonde hair. I knew there was something about him that was better then the rest so he ranks high on this list. I love Austin and Anthony separately or together… they are the sexiest twosome in my book hands down so they are right up there.
    And in a way Johnny Torque is growing on me….

  6. FUCK: Sorry, gotta have a three-way with Samuel O’Toole and Austin Wilde

    MARRY: Paul Wagner (no contest)

    KILL: Either Cody Cummings or Rod Daily (hard to choose)

  7. Hmm, let’s see:

    Fuck & Marry: Kevin Crows, Paul Wagner, Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero,

    Fuck: Johnny Torque, Tyler Torro, Samuel O’Toole & James Huntsman

    Kill: Long-haired James Jamesson

    Fuck then Kill: Cody Cummings, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo & short-haired James Jamesson.

  8. FUCK:
    Keven Crows: And by fuck, I mean, shove a 12-inch dildo up his ass.
    James Jamesson: We can fuck while he explains to me the meaning of life. I will be a ginger, too, when the blood from my sliced wrists tinge my hair.

    Paul Wagner: We will have 2.5 children, a mini mansion, and throw orgiastic dinner parties. All the men will line up and have a go at him while I film it.

    Cody Leavings/Streisand: And it will be a month-long, tortuous process.
    Tyler Torro: Becasue his face looks like an anus come to life.
    Trystan Bull: I’d take him bullfighting and use him as the cape.

  9. 15 reasons gay pornstars are dead. Not one worth a 5 dollar flying fuck between them. Next Door Studios and all their lame ass gay 4 pay meteorsexual models are the reason gay porn sucks donkey right now. The hot gay hipster look from I Want Your Love is what’s hot and now not lame gay 4 pay meteorsexual.

    1. Urethra Franklin

      Wait, if they’re the “reason” gay porn sucks, doesn’t that mean they’re popular, which would mean they’re…”now?” Sounds like you may have what’s commonly known as an “opinion,” Kid Porn Biz.

      1. Gay, straight, bisexual, whatever – It doesn’t really matter as long as Next Door’s directorial staff is full of fail. It’s like they’re allergic to producing erotic material.

        1. I will go amen with that to a large extent. Some hot performers turn to complete stick of ice under their direction. But I would argue the casting is somewhat related to that mindset. They have little flair for gay porn and both the direction of the scenes and their choices of standard-bearer both come directly from that complete and utter fail – and at times seeming contempt for their audience.

          1. Hmmm, I have to disagree. I think their direction is stellar, creatively speaking. Is your feeling that they fail based more on scene concepts, passion/intensity, videography?? Where do you feel these directors are dropping the ball specifically?

    2. “The hot gay hipster look from I Want Your Love is what’s hot”

      Said the gay hipster that no one thinks is hot, but has a ridiculously ginormous sense of aggrandizement anyway. Homeless chic with an attitude is not hot.

  10. Marry & Fuck: Brandon Lewis. He seems like a really cool, laid-back, All-American guy. Even just hanging out with him would be cool. And the fact that he’s probably the hottest southern guy I’ve ever seen definitely helps. Always love his videos, especially when he bottoms.

    In just the “fuck” category, I’d say Cody Cummings, Samuel O’Toole, James Jamesson, Marcus Mojo and Rod Daily. The first three still haven’t bottomed on film yet, so them bottoming is LONG overdue.

    By the way, has Next Door stopped giving their models their own sites? I heard awhile ago (can’t remember which site) that a few more of their performers were supposed to get their own sites.

  11. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    I would kill all of them and marry Marko Lebeau ( is he really an exclusive on this crappy site ? What a waste!)

  12. Fuck: Samuel O’toole (Come on, look at the cock)
    Marry: Paul Wagner (I have the impression he is husband material, so sweet)
    Kill: Austin Wilde (He’s well…douchy, on twitter sometimes)

    1. AW may be a twitter douche, but at least he’s legitimately (and unashamedly) one of us….unlike most of the rest mentioned in this posting.

    1. Oooh, that’s no fun. Dish honey! LOL!

      Fuck – Austin & Anthony, duh! I’d love to be the cheese in that sandwich!
      Marry – Only one worth marrying is Paul Wagner.
      Kill- Tyler Torro, he looks dirty, ick

    2. I bet I can safely guess that Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero is on your fuck list, or fucked list lol. maybe go as far as your marry list? I’d say Paul Wagner would be on both lists too.

  13. FUCK & MARRY: Paul Wagner

    I like Marcus Mojo (despite really dumb name) and I like watching him perform, but the other G4P guys here aren’t very interesting. Rod daily was so lifeless in his earlier porn career that I have no idea why anyone decided to give him a “comeback”.

  14. I don’t think Cody Cummings is worth a fuck, even a hate fuck.

    I don’t object to gay-for-pay. If a model can do what a scene requires-that’s all that counts. But Cody Cummings has made a career of exercising heterosexual privilege and putting gay people down – just as several of the Next Door sites just cannot get over glorifying bisexualiy.

    Straights and bis are not prettier than gay men, they aren’t somehow more masculine, all they are is dumb and easy. So fine, use them if they are available, convenient, and cheap, but it’s because they are available, convenient, and cheap – not because they are straight or bi.

  15. I’d fuck Kevin Crows because he is the only one of the group I find both hot in objective terms and totally attractive to me subjectively (that is to say I recognize a lot of these men are hot but I personally wouldn’t).
    I probably would fuck James Huntsman because I want to pretend he is related to Jon Huntsman the Republican presidential candidate and as you said, hate fuck with a reasonably pretty guy works for me.
    I’d kill all the rest. Coz I don’t want to get married to a pornstar and if I don’t wanna fuck you, then you are of no use to me so die die die already. Some of them would deserve a violent hateful death (Donald Trump is awesome!) and some of them would probably kill themselves if we just ignore them.

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