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Next Door Studios Launches New Story-Based Film Line

In conjunction with Alpha Studio Group, Next Door Studios has added Next Door Films to its collection of brands in an effort to “focus on realistic storytelling and higher production value.” The new line launches this weekend with a threeway—what do you think of the new venture?

Consider Next Door Films the next step in Alpha Studio Group’s focus on story-based porn, following the launch of Disruptive Films last year (based on this new scene, Next Door Films isn’t aiming to be nearly as “controversial” as Disruptive). Next Door directors Conrad Parker and Walden Woods have both worked in many capacities with Disruptive, and the two will direct this new line as well.

Next Door Films

“By taking the excitement and creativity we have on our regular sets and adding a high level of cinematic quality and superior storytelling, we were able to deliver a whole new brand that I really think everyone will love,” said Woods. “Focusing on the character development and the stories the models are exploring really helped to open up this new content into something very special.”

Elliot Finn, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa Elliot Finn, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa

Chief Creative Officer Jeremy Babcock says the line promises longer stories, more developed characters, advanced cinematography and unique locations. Adds Parker: “We worked very hard to further develop the characters in our new films. Our talent has been challenged in each film to really understand their characters and did an amazing job at bringing them to life. These films are meant to be more than just a campy porn scene. Think of them as a relatable movie mixed with porn.”

Elliot Finn, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa

Elliot Finn, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa

The first release is comedy-drama “Weekend Getaway” starring Next Door Exclusives Nico Coopa, Elliot Finn and Trevor Harris (a great choice, as he’s shown off his acting chops since his days at Helix). Clocking in at 54 minutes, the scene follows Nico and Trevor as they visit Elliot at his new home in the country. When Elliot reveals to Nico that he wants to sleep with Trevor, Nico decides to have some fun on his own and see if he can seduce Trevor himself, and the two enter a battle to steal Trevor’s heart. “I’ve really wanted to push the envelope of storytelling in gay porn,” says writer Dalton King, “and being given the green light to write longer stories with more authentic emotions feels like the best opportunity to do so.”

Elliot Finn, Trevor Harris, Nico Coopa

I’m not sure what’s taken Next Door so long to embrace this concept; anyone remember their story-based feature Straight Chexxx from 2017? It was a criminally overlooked and underappreciated movie (how it didn’t win any big awards, I’ll never understand), the best thing the studio ever did. Comprised of four scenes and clocking in at nearly three-and-a-half hours, it had a great cast (sigh…I miss you, Quentin Gainz!) and acting, and a natural story where the sex felt organic. But then no follow-up features happened, which was a shame.

Straight Chexxx

We’ll see if Next Door Films makes any full-length movies like that (and like Disruptive did with its award-winning The Last Course). What do you think of this new venture? Do you like longer, story-based porn scenes? I’m excited to see how it develops, and love a more relatable, natural storyline integrated with porn.

See “Weekend Getaway” at Next Door Studios!


6 thoughts on “Next Door Studios Launches New Story-Based Film Line”

  1. Who cares how performers identify if they aren’t assholes? It’s not like even the gay ones are going to fuck any of us. I fucked women at that age, and I am soo not bi. Social pressure did it for me. Cold hard cash can do it for a straight performer. I don’t fucking care if they’re lying to themselves until they make it enough of an issue that I can’t watch them without thinking about it.

    I like the story driven porn, but if I don’t find the guys hot, it doesn’t matter what the story is. Much of Disruptive is with guys that don’t do it for me.

    Nextdoor guys usually do it for me, though so will look forward to seeing if this is worth restarting my subscription.

    (Elliot Finn really does give the bottom bitch vibe though…. I’m sure some girls find that hot.)

    1. I love the gays who say “ugh he fucked a pussy, I can’t handle that”

      I’m like, “sweetheart you ain’t ever gonna touch that dick so get over it”

      The same bitches were probably angry there wasn’t enough skin shown by these two

    1. To think he is a so called “gay 4 pay” blood sucking money whoring str8 guy. He cannot handle the bi-sex label.

      1. Gay, Str8, Bi, Queer, Pan, Poly … They’re self-identifiers and can be used by MSM as they see fit. Bitches (especially cowardly anonymous ones) need to step off and mind their own business.
        If you really need to attach a label to Male Adult Performers try Getsmosexdenuall!

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