brendan phillips bareback

NextDoorRaw or NextDoor Wrong?

Even hot guys like Brendan Phillips and Addison Graham can have a bad day. Or is it just the scene that sucks? Or just maybe, it’s the trailer?

We just saw it last week. The trailer for Brandon’s bottoming debut redux made it look hot while the reality was anything but. Is today the opposite where the movie is a ball buster while the trailer is a bust?

The good news is, finally NextDoorRaw hatched a plot where no one is straight, related, or cheating. The bad news is they seem to have cast the right guys but in the wrong roles. We’ll know for sure at midnight when “Raw Hookup” goes live.

brendan phillips bareback
In “Raw Hookup”, Brendan Phillips and Addison Graham are hard at work at the go-go club. Backstage, Brendon finds Addison grabbing more liquor when Brendan grabs his dick. Despite Brendan looking hot as ever, his exchange with Addison is somewhere between clumsy and stilted. Of course, that doesn’t get in the way of swapping blowjobs and there’s plenty of sucking today in many ways.

brendan phillips bareback
Though he has done great work, Addison Graham just comes across as awkward today and even his face shouts that like it was on a billboard. Maybe he’s feeling he’s not looking his best? Or maybe it’s that plus a lack of confidence in knowing he’s not the kind of power-top a power-bottom like Brendan Phillips needs.

brendan phillips bareback
Questionable casting or not, they call it NextDoorRaw for a reason. From this position, they could have called it NextDoorHaveASeat. This is not a successful “make it work” gay porn moment.

brendan phillips bareback
OK, so maybe it was that position that was the problem. Time to regroup and do the flying buttress. Only there doesn’t seem to be much flying going on here either. Either there’s a new editor at NextDoorRaw who was afraid to show some hot action in the trailer — or there wasn’t the good stuff to begin with. Hoping for the former, prepared for the latter. Either way, we’ll know at midnight.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Addison Graham in “Raw Hookup”]

5 thoughts on “NextDoorRaw or NextDoor Wrong?”

  1. Dang that’s mean I thought it was hot, been hotter if it was a flip fuck but beggars can’t be choosers

  2. Usually a great fan of NextDoorRaw

    I watched the whole movie about an hour ago and was greatly disappointed! Not at all up to the usual standards of Next Door Raw. The models may have gotten hard, but the scene did nothing to stir my nads – unlike some other really HOT scenes they have!

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