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Next Door Studios Just Signed A Huge Name As An Exclusive Model

Next Door Studios just announced their newest exclusive model and we’re lightweight obsessed! Drum roll, please…

It’s Beaux Banks! Fresh off his juicy Twitter Q&A, Beaux is now signed on as an exclusive model for the mega-site. Beaux is, of course, part of the iconic Banks porn family and throughout his four-year career in the industry has starred in over 75 web and DVD scenes. He has previously appeared in three different Next Door scenes with performers like Dakota Payne, Ryan Jordan, and Dante Martin.

“Beaux is one of those performers who really stands out,” director Conrad Parker said. “There’s never a dull moment around him. He brings so much energy and creativity to our productions. I can’t even describe how grateful we are to have him on our team.”

Beaux Banks Next Door Studios

“2020 has been a year of ups and downs for everyone, but I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share some of those ups with you,” Beaux said. “With the launch of my Fleshjack lines and becoming one of their best selling products, and a few other not-yet-announced projects which I can’t wait to share, there is one that can finally be shared: I’m thrilled and honored to join the Next Door Studios family.  This is a studio where I’ve had the chance to grow and show my versatility in not only positions but also over genres. I hope you’re excited for the wild ride we at Next Door Studios are about to take you on.”

Beaux Banks Next Door Studios

“Beaux brings a reputation, an infectious energy and enormous talent to set that any director would be thrilled to have,” director Walden Woods observed. “I can’t say how lucky I am to be able to attempt to harness that energy, all that energy, and make some amazing content with Mr. Banks. With his creativity and personality, I’m super confident that this will be a fun-filled adventure for everyone involved, especially the Next Door Studio members.”

Beaux Banks Next Door Studios

Want to see Beaux in action? Check out all of his Next Door scenes here and be sure to check back for more later this month. Beaux’s newest Next Door scene, Beach Brother Bingo: Part 1, will premiere on Next Door Taboo on August 24.


27 thoughts on “Next Door Studios Just Signed A Huge Name As An Exclusive Model”

  1. Beaux is one of my favourite bottoms to watch. His bum is perfect and he can take a pounding. He is cute too.

  2. The racism sure is once again coming out. Beax is fine but he has been problematic in the past. Also from his actions he does seem to not care much about the community and tries too hard to fit in with cis white gay men.

      1. his black brothers are being discriminated in porn and Beaux won’t stand in solidarity with them. I understand this might not matter since white men like you have the privilege to not care but this is not the correct way Beaux should live his life and sell out his brothers.

  3. The Beaux Banks beautiful bountiful booty is what top men dream about and a few of the lucky ones get to taste and fuck.

  4. OK. This an information. But “The Sword” is wrong with “Huge name”. Beaux is very OK, he has experience and this is enough. I like Nextdoor studios and disagree with the negative comments below.

  5. Can’t believe this studio still exists. They’re scenes are probably the least exciting and the most formulaic. Boring boring boring. I do like beaux banks though…

  6. I for one am a huge fan, as a top only he’s a good bottom fantasy for me, he’s gay not afraid to show it, and a divine bottom with a stupendous ass. Hurray to Beau

        1. queerxicanochisme

          facts are the facts, Beaux is a full fledged uncle tom who only cares about his white masters and even defends them if someone starts fact checking them.

          Also my agenda? Sit down white boy!

  7. I’ve never found him to be that attractive or exciting, and I really can’t say why. There’s just something off about him that turns me off. I wish him well in his career, but I’d hardly categorize this news as “huge.” He’s been around for quite some time, so it’s not like they signed Aaron Schock.

    1. On the upside, at least there will be one person who is gay working for them.

      Now if they could just find a director who is gay and actually knows how to film gay sex.

      1. This is like too much, I never got hard seeing him, him getting fucked and so on he is not my thing! Secondly, this is no big deal! Like we see it all the time! These days NakedSword is acting overly dramatic and making everything news!

        1. They’re blowing it up because Race Cooper called them out on their racist ways. And not only them but all porn studios are trying to desperately prove they aren’t racist by trying to go in fixing mode by hiring and spotlighting more Black model.

        2. Well that’s fun news during an otherwise miserable era. I wish Beau Banks well! On the other hand, I do hope Diesel Washington is flipping out. Diesel was unnecessarily nasty toward Beau on Twitter last week. As with some of the posters here, those remarks reflects far worse on them than the enthusiastic Mr. Banks.

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