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Nick ‘Officer Muscles’ Cranston Reveals His Big Sexual Fantasy

A new episode of Discretion Advised hit the streaming services this week and for the latest episode of the Falcon | NakedSword podcast, hosts Marc MacNamara and John Hill are talking with RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite Mayhem Miller and NakedSword newcomer Nick Cranston about everything from Mayhem’s wildest drag show stories to Nick’s biggest sexual fantasies.

The conversation around Nick, who was previously a police officer before he stepped into the gay porn industry, and his fantasies came up when Marc mentioned to the New Arrivals actor that a uniformed cop is a common sexual fantasy for many guys out there. The podcast host then asked Nick to reveal his own desires and if there were any men in uniform that he was into.

After some joking around, Nick finally opened up about his preferences with uniformed men and it turns out that the actor, who we previously announced as the star of the “beefiest scene of the year”, is actually into hospital hookups!

“Damn, I did always think that the doctor thing was kind of like a vibe, yah know?” spilled the beefcake.

Lucky for Nick, there’s no shortage of gay porn out there featuring medical men – I mean, there’s even a full porn playlist featuring dirty doctors and their stiff cocks. Plus, Nick is so fucking hot and built that I doubt he’s allowed to leave any doctor’s office without at least a dozen men offering to give him a full-body examination.

So what do you think about this? What’s your biggest sexual fantasy when it comes to men in uniform? Cops? Doctors? Sanitation workers?

Sound off in the comments below with your biggest sexual desires and if you want to hear more from this revealing interview, be sure to catch this entire interview right now over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and!

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