noah donovan fucks roman todd

Roman Todd Goes Legs Up For Noah Donovan

Roman Todd bottoming twice is the span of five days is the first Hanukkah miracle of 2017. And he’s not just bottoming, he’s giving it up for Noah Donovan.

Actually, Roman Todd has been the gift that keeps on giving for this entire year.

His flip fuck with Brent Corrigan on Friday is a testament to that.

Noah Donovan is a rarity in gay porn, a hairy man of color.

While Hanukkah officially begins at midnight tonight, Roman and Noah are already celebrating.

noah donovan fucks roman toddRoman Todd is a living gift to mankind.

noah donovan fucks roman toddNoah Donovan … walk softly and carry a big stick.

noah donovan fucks roman todd“Hot, muscular sex god Roman Todd and dark, sexy stud Noah Donovan can no longer deny the powerful attraction between them.”

noah donovan fucks roman todd“After a night of watching movies and having a few drinks, Roman’s inhibitions are down.”

noah donovan fucks roman todd“Roman admits his lustful desire for his beautiful, dark-eyed brother in law. Watch the two fuck and suck the night away, until they drench each other in cum and sweat.”

[Watch Roman & Noah in “Claiming His Sister’s Lover” at Icon Male]

What’s your favorite Roman Todd scene?

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