Nothing Hotter Than Sneaking A Whiff Of Your Roommate’s Underwear

It’s officially August and that means college students everywhere are moving into their dorms, meeting their college roommates, and searching for the right time to take a secret sniff of their new roomie’s dirty underwear. Well, that’s at least what’s happening in this latest scene from TheBroNetwork.

For the new college-themed vid, Cole Link is taking on the role of a whiffing perv that rummages through Leo Louis’ used clothes in search of some used boxer briefs. After filling his nose with his roommate’s stench and jerking off to some big dick porn from, Cole is then joined by Leo and the two get to flirting. Soon enough, all of Cole’s horny dreams begin to come true as Leo goes to pull out his absolutely enormous cock and the two start participating in some hardcore roommate bonding. Take a look below:

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you ever sniffed someone’s dirty underwear without them knowing? Did you ever fuck around with your college roommate? Sound off in the comments below with all your hot thoughts and be sure to watch this new scene over on TheBroNetwork!

[Watch ‘Dorm Revelation’ ft. Cole Link & Leo Louis]


5 thoughts on “Nothing Hotter Than Sneaking A Whiff Of Your Roommate’s Underwear”

  1. Only thing wrong with the scene is the underwear too clean. How many out there want to see some what ragged used underwear instead whitey white undies that look unused? In dark underwear, we like to see dried or wet cum stains, am I right?

  2. Brian Keith Cheatham

    I’ve sniffed dirty underwear from a young man I dogsat for. I still jack off remembering the smell.

  3. Some tea: I’m going to remain anonymous but I hooked up with a popular falcon model a few months ago. Twink, white, bluish eyes, dark hair, nice cock, ass kinda flat but still fuckable. Let me tell you, the hookup was amazing! His ass tasted so good but I noticed when he slept over my apartment and I woke up the next day, there was a strong aroma in the room. It turned out he accidentally shat himself. It wasn’t a lot, it was just a little nugget but since he was wearing white underwear, it looked much worse than it actually was. We laughed about it but he was still ashamed. I didn’t care, it was one of the best sex I’ve ever had. We all shit anyway even fem pretty boy bottoms like him.

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