Now Please Watch This Batshit Trailer for the S.F. LGBT Film Festival

Here in San Francisco we play host to the oldest continually running LGBT film festival in the world, founded in 1977, and we’re kind of proud of it. And this year, to help promote the fest — which is called Frameline — they made this crazy insane trailer featuring local drag queens Peaches Christ as Dorothy and Heklina as the Wicked Witch.

And they had some really high budget for this one! Check out those production values. And that gathering of very queer looking and well costumed munchkins and freaks in Dolores Park! (That would be the Drag King Lollipop Guild and the Leatherman Lullaby League.)

The festival kicks off Thursday, June 18 with a screening of that movie I Am Michael, starring James Franco and Zachary Quinto. And, as we mentioned today, the documentary about Chuck Holmes, the founder of Falcon Studios, screens on Sunday.

Also, there’s a documentary about the “grandfather of gay porn,” Peter de Rome, which screens next Thursday.

Anyway, check this shit out. It was written and directed by Joshua Grannell, a.k.a. Peaches Christ.

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