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Max, Matty, & Dakota. One already got nasty – with a capital “N.” One is blasting off tomorrow. And one promises, “there’s way more where that came from.” And we’ll hold him to it.

Monday is usually a parade of one-nut wonders. What we’re usually wondering is who the hell paid them to even drop trou in the first place — or why tease us with a promise of a return that’s already dead on arrival.

Then between Friday, today, and tomorrow, we have a trio of gay porn newcomers who are already somewhere in the process of coming back for more. This may be one of those few times where good things cum for those who wait.

On Friday, Lucas Entertainment got things started with Dakota Payne.

Dakota Payne is a Texas native with “voyeuristic tendencies” who loves flip-fucking and eating ass. Dakota doesn’t limit himself to any specific type, as long as they are hung, fearless, and nasty. No wonder he’s already fitting into Lucas Entertainment and Tomas Payne has no problem fitting both his dick and both ends of a double-sided dildo into Dakota on his very first shoot.

[Watch Dakota Payne & Tomas Brand in “Fill More Guys @ Must Seed TV” at Lucas Entertainment]

Tomorrow, Matty Strong will make his debut on NextDoorStudios

Despite the name of Matty Strong, NextDoorStudios promises us we’ll also see “his sensitive side” tomorrow when they air the first scene of this Florida native. He’s got the big hair, the big dick, and a big ass going on. He’s not just another paint-by-number porn model: only one tat that I can see. But between the plugs and the bushy-beard, he’s got a neo-Colby Keller kind of “let it be vibe” to him. Here’s hoping that’s the only similarity.

[Watch Matty Strong in “Introducing Matty Strong” at NextDoorStudios]

And today, Corbin Fisher unveiled a mythically sexy creature called Max.

Arguably, Corbin Fisher has had even a worse year than Sean Cody & been even less successful at getting hot models to return. But that all changed today when Max arrived. Cock, abs, ass, face: he’s got it all. And brains too, he’s a neuroscience major. “Dr. McDreamy has been replaced by Max McSteamy,” they say, adding the most important prescription for our erectile health since the discovery of that little blue pill, “hope you enjoy getting to know Max as much as I did, and let’s just say that there’s way more where that came from!” Corbin Fisher, we’ll be holding you to that.

[Watch Max at Corbin Fisher]



1 thought on “Now Serving Fresh, Raw Meat”

  1. I know this is a really old post, but I never tire of watching my hunk Max! How I wish he’d come back to Corbin Fisher to film so more hot scenes.

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