porn star dallas steele

Jesse & Dallas Rock Out with Their Cocks “Out!”

Once the TitanMen Eagles’ Hall of Famer A.J. Benson, played by Jesse Jackman, comes “Out!” live on national TV, he makes it possible for big things to come in his life. And his ass. Big things like Dallas Steele.

“Out!” from TitanMen is more than just a name for their latest DVD, it’s also a directive with a clear meaning. In baseball, striking out marks the end but in life, coming out marks the real beginning of your turn at bat. Today Dallas helps Jesse out of his closet and into a flip fuck twenty years in the making.

porn star dallas steele
Jesse Jackman was a big jock in college. Dallas Steele was a real-life anchorman. So when Dallas’s character Jim Weaver says to Jesse’s character A.J., “ever since we met at the ’96 games, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” you believe every word. His extra hard cock today seconds that emotion. When it comes to the passion between these two, it’s an even play field of primal intensity.

porn star dallas steele
Unlike the slightly playful mood for the first, second, and third parts, the importance of the message today, living your life authentically, starts things out with a more serious vibe That carries over into the sex as Dallas goes at Jesse with a lusty defiance to make up for lost time. He finally fucks his long-time crush — and his crush fucks right back.

porn star dallas steele
But it’s not a ball game quite yet. Jesse takes another crack at Dallas’s crack and doesn’t stop until there’s another load cumming “Out!” all over again. And all over Dallas Steele.

[Watch Jesse Jackman and Dallas Steele in the finale of “Out!” from TitanMen]

Kids are coming out younger and younger these days. All the power to them. It was during college for me. When did you come out?

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