Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe

One of These Furry Alphas Is About to Go Sub

When you cast two hairy alphas in a scene called “My Sub,” you know you’re in for a treat of a role reversal. But who’s about to bend over and go against type: Chris Damned or Alpha Wolfe?

I know you’re hoping it’s Mr. Damned, who doesn’t bend over much. But no, it’s Alpha who goes beta in this new scene, although that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering we’ve seen him take it from the likes of big-dicked daddy Drew Sebastian and many other studs (including hot flip scene with Isaac X).

Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe

It’s a fitting reunion, considering we saw Alpha take Chris’s thick French Canadian cock when he made his studio debut last summer at Raging Stallion. They had chemistry then, and it’s clear they still enjoy each other’s company. In that pairing, Chris still managed to get in a few licks on Alpha’s bushy dick, and thankfully that happens again here in the hot oral exchange. See, all you alpha tops? You can still suck dick! (We’re looking at you, Cade Maddox!)

Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe

Chris is growing a nice bush of his own these days, and seeing Alpha plant his lips to the base of the stud’s thick shaft is my favorite visual. Alpha also stays nice and stiff as he gets plowed—whether doggy style over the bench or against the chain-link fence, or on his back (where Chris throws in a little choke action as well in this aggressive outing).

Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe Chris Damned, Alpha Wolfe

Through it all, we get some great shots of Alpha’s hairy butt (which looks even hotter when Chris’s hairy legs are working hard to thrust into it). And the end has him planting his handsome bearded face into Chris’s furry, musty crotch again.

What do you think of Beta Wolfe? Should he change his name?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


4 thoughts on “One of These Furry Alphas Is About to Go Sub”

  1. These two are about as hot as hot cums. What is especially hot is their readily apparent pleasure in and desire for whoever is fortunate enough to be involved in passionate intimacy with them. They are the very embodiment of the erotic.

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