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Oops! Ever Accidentally Show Your Junk on Zoom?

I’ve had a lot of virtual meetings over the last few years, but given all the disaster stories I’ve seen in the news and on social media, I’ve programmed myself to be extra smart with my expressions, what I say, and when I say it. The furthest I’ve gone is getting distracted and looking at Grindr during a meeting, giving myself a few tugs over my shorts and well out of camera view.

I’ve never gone all Jeffrey Toobin (dear lord can you imagine?! At least he just got reinstated), but his stupidity (along with that woman who took a dump during a meeting) has slapped some sense into me to be extra careful. That’s the last thing I want to see from any of my co-workers, but if they looked like Tristan Hunter, I wouldn’t have a problem. While working from home, the cutie stays comfy by never wearing pants during video conference calls. The only problem? He muted his computer audio but forgot to exit his virtual work meeting—and now all of his coworkers are watching him stroke his long cock in bed (why aren’t my co-workers as sexy as Max Konnor, Cade Maddox, Colton Reece, Cole Connor and Andy Taylor?!).

Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit

Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit

His work peers grow more shocked as a freshly showered Jim Fit comes into frame and swallows Tristan’s jock cock (this is Jim’s first Falcon appearance ever; the performer has gone under various names since his 2008 Sean Cody debut, and is having his most prolific year yet after being away for a decade and returning a few years ago). While still facing the open laptop, Tristan unknowingly gives his co-workers a show as he buries his face between Jim’s cheeks before inviting the man to ride his hard meat.

Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit

The horny bottom rotates between jerking himself off and letting his hard cock flop around as he rides Tristan’s thick pole. Once Jim is on his back, the top turns it up a notch by rapidly pumping his big dick in until they both shoot their creamy ropes all over Jim’s naked body.

Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit

Tristan Hunter, Jim Fit

How far have you and your co-workers gone on a Zoom call? Have you ever accidentally flashed skin?

See the full scene at Falcon!


3 thoughts on “Oops! Ever Accidentally Show Your Junk on Zoom?”

  1. What happened w/ Toobin is a good example of powerful or famous men not thinking w/ their brains but their dicks. Also shows how narcissistic some people.

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