Other ‘Paragon Men’ Models Who Aren’t Kyle King

Yesterday, the sort of softcore-ish photography site ParagonMen.com (most the models do solo j/o videos, but that’s it) gave us pictures of well known gay porn star Kyle King. Today, I poked around the site and found some unknown models who, like Kyle King, should also do gay porn.

Wherever these guys are and whatever it takes to convince them to go XXX hardcore, I will go there and I will do it.





I know, I know. Jake doesn’t count as an “unknown.” He’s already done a lot of gay porn.

Full galleries/videos on Paragon Men.


3 thoughts on “Other ‘Paragon Men’ Models Who Aren’t Kyle King”

  1. Why is that whenever I see a guy using a cockring, it’s specifically NOT doing the job it’s supposed to?

  2. I love Paragon Men! The pictures and the men are gorgeous, and I’ve never seen many of the models before. And M-Rod, aka Marcel, who’s the Paragon Man of the Year does his first-ever jerk off shoot in this month’s issue. A very classy “celebration of the erotic nude male” as the site says!

  3. Actually, the majority of Paragon Men models do not jack off. There are five pages of models who appear nude, but only two pages of models who jack off. But, I’d say your description of the site as a “softcore-ish photography site” is spot on. For me, I love that former Vista Video model Marcel gets hard and strokes at Paragon.

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