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Our Current Celeb Crush: ‘Lucifer’ Hottie Tom Ellis & His Smooth Cheeks

We’ve been crushing hard on super handsome Tom Ellis. The Welsh stud stands at 6’ 3″ tall and has dreamy dark features capped by piercing deep brown eyes and a jawline that could cut glass. And then there’s that body. Ohhhh. That perfect body!

Tom has many credits under his belt, but he didn’t become a household name until landing the lead role on the 2016 series Lucifer. Before this iconic role, however, Ellis went nude on the TV miniseries The Fades. After having passionate sex, he gets out of bed to briefly tease audiences his gorgeous, perfect, flawless, jaw-dropping – you get it – ass!

But nothing could have prepared us for Tom’s role as the devil himself on Lucifer. The show spent its first three seasons on network TV, but made the jump to Netflix in 2018, which is when we got more Tom Ellis ass content than, frankly, we deserve.

In fact, in his very first Netflix episode, Tom goes bottomless, letting his tight round ass cheeks hang out from under his shirt. As the season progress, there is MORE and more of his perfect ass.

Take a look at our dump of Tom Ellis content below and if you want to see every nude moment from this stud, then click right here!

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16 thoughts on “Our Current Celeb Crush: ‘Lucifer’ Hottie Tom Ellis & His Smooth Cheeks”

  1. So where are his ‘cheeks’ that this article purported to show? ? And by the way, i don’t mean those on his face that although are nice i mean his ass cheeks.

  2. I’ve been wanting to marry him since I first saw him on Miranda. I only watched the first season of Lucifer, found it a bit dull, but maybe should give it another try…

  3. Maybe that is Dex’s preference and you have your own, nobody wants to read your negative comments, cunt.

    1. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s comment, it’s another, (essentially a complete display of overwhelming ignorance), to call them a “cunt”.

  4. He definitely needs a hairy ass. Embrace the hair, quit shaving it off. Give me a man that doesn’t trim!!!

    1. Well, Dex, with respect for those who disagree, but I AM WITH YOU! LOL…”keep it natural…and clean!”

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