Paddy O’Brian Revealed as Storm Trooper Who Fucks Luke Adams In’s Star Wars Parody’s Star Wars porn parody is ongoing, with the big Darth Vader fuck scene (with Vader fucking Dennis West’s Han Solo) premiering Saturday, January 9.

I already showed you that trailer clip for Star Wars Part 3, but here it is again.


Perhaps the Vader mask will come off by the end of the scene and we’ll get to see whose cock that is, but so far they aren’t saying. (I guessed Diego Sans.)

A couple masks do come off, though, and those belong to two storm troopers who spit-roast Luke Adams in the first part of Part 4, which premieres next week on January 16. teased out a couple of GIFs, and we see that those two storm troopers are Hector DeSilva (in his debut) and Paddy O’Brian.








But then Paddy says, “Now you can say ‘ello to the rest of the unit,” and the masks go back on, and it’s time for Luke to join in a storm trooper orgy. It’s basically a gangbang with a bukkake finish, but when he walks in on it, one storm trooper is getting plowed by another one, masks on.




You go, Luke. May the dick be with you.

[ Star Wars Part 1]
[ Star Wars Part 2]
[ Star Wars Part 3]


5 thoughts on “Paddy O’Brian Revealed as Storm Trooper Who Fucks Luke Adams In’s Star Wars Parody”

  1. There are plenty gay sci-fi and cos-play fans who are just loving this video series. From the props, to the costumes to the entire effort. Much too often the usual gay porn is filmed in some hotel room, bar or back-room, or prison setting, or basement – boring, boring and boring! Finally some effort with the costumes, props and a story line! Finally a decent set of videos for us gay sci-fi fans! Forget the complainers – let them go back to their 1,000th video film in a bar or back-room or mere dank bedroom! This gay porn sci-fi fan is just loving this series!

  2. Seriously? They couldn’t get a hotter guy to play luke? The straight version has a way way hotter guy laying Luke.

    1. Unfortunately, straight porn passed gay porn in hot guys years ago. If you take away the G4P guys, it gets even worse.

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