gay porn star paddy obrian

Paddy O’Brian Enters Trenton’s Batcave

This isn’t an X-rated costume party. But the fucking Batman gets is worth celebrating.

It’s not gay porn if you can’t see the fucking.

It’s also not a Batman story if you see Bruce Wayne and not the Dark Knight

If you thought it was impossible to combine both and satisfy everyone’s desires, just watch.

gay porn star paddy obrian

Paddy O’Brian’s costume in “Apocalypse” obscured one of the hottest bodies in gay porn and just about everything he did with it. That doesn’t happen today. He looks as hot in his birthday suit as Trenton Ducati does in his Batsuit.

gay porn star paddy obrian

What makes Trenton Ducati’s Batman even hotter is some insider information. Having just had the chance to meet and spend some time with Trenton during The Phoenix Forum, not only is he every bit as handsome in person and then some, he’s twice as nice a man as you’d hope he would be.

gay porn star paddy obrian
In the second scene from “Batman V Superman: A Gay XXX Parody,” Paddy O’Brian’s shop is overrun by thugs for the second time. Batman comes to the rescue. After fending off the attackers, he rescues Paddy from his clothes and helps himself to that fat, hairy cock. Next, Paddy couldn’t help himself from doing the same to Batman’s ass.

gay porn star paddy obrian
The only thing skimped on here is on this location. But we aren’t here for HGTV. What attention wasn’t paid to the shop setting was paid where it belonged — on the fucking.

Clear, long, extended penetration shots from every angle. As for Trenton’s enjoyment, just check out the condition of his Batpole. Paddy has him rock hard the entire time. We learn something else as well; the Batsuit is cum proof. I have a feeling Superman will be putting that to the test at least once more before we’re done. See you next time, same Bat Channel.

[Watch Trenton Ducati and Paddy O’Brian in “Batman V Superman A Gay XXX Porn Parody – Part 2”]

Does anyone want to see Paddy suck some dick again?

4 thoughts on “Paddy O’Brian Enters Trenton’s Batcave”

  1. Wow this looks incredibly hot. A lot of times I look at MEN and I am just saddened at the horrible acting and even worse sex. This series right here is as good as I have seen them do in a long long time. Great work

    1. Jaymes, glad to see you back! In fact, I hit my excellent client representative from today to request the comic strip to make sure we’d have it and I have already “pre-ordered” part 3. Same blog time, same blog channel, Gothamites!

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