paddy obrian fucks dato foland

Paddy O’Brian Can’t Stop Fucking Dato Foland

Who can blame either of them? The trouble is, there’s almost always too many other men involved. Almost.

Given his placement in’s 2000th scene anniversary video, Paddy O’Brian isn’t going anywhere. needs him. And we need him. The man has never looked or fucked as fierce as he does now.

The Russian hotness that Dato Foland returned to at the beginning of the year. Today, he and Paddy have their lucky seven appearing together in the finale of “Made You Look”. Make that Paddy, Dato, and company:

[Watch Paddy, Dato, Hector de Silva, & Johan Kane in “Made You Look” part four]

paddy obrian fucks dato folandPaddy O’Brian or Dato Foland alone is just about enough to carry a scene and give us something worth getting off too. This is their sixth group scene together. As we discussed recently, when it comes to gay porn orgies, less is usually more. That’s especially true with Paddy and Dato.

When I watch their group scenes, I find myself mentally evicting most of the other cast, no matter how they are. With a little reprogramming of the The Sword’s Pornback Machine™, we’re counting our way back until it was just what we wanted all along: Paddy fucking Dato with no one else to get in the way.

#7 – Jan 24, 2017: Today’s finale scene from “Made You Look”
paddy obrian fucks dato foland#6 – Jan 10, 2017: “Made You Look” part two with Paddy, Dato, & Johan Kane

#5 – Aug 27, 2016: “Sense 8” part five with Paddy, Dato, Hector de Silva, Gabriel Cross, Jay Roberts, Logan Moore, & Sunny Colucci
paddy obrian fucks dato foland#4 – Nov 01, 2014: “Howl” part four with Paddy, Dato, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares, & Colby Keller

#3 – Mar 28, 2014: “Voyeur” part four with Paddy, Dato, & Leo Domenico
paddy obrian fucks dato foland#2 – Feb 09, 2014: “The End” part two with Paddy, Dato, & Rogan Richards

And as it turns out, the first part of “The End” from February 6, 2014, had it right all along.

[Watch Dato Foland & Paddy O’Brian in “The End” part one]

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