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Worth The 5 Year Wait? Paddy O’Brian Fucks Johnny Rapid For Anniversary marks their fifth anniversary pairing two of their biggest stars, Paddy O’Brian and Johnny Rapid for the first time. Johhny and Paddy’s most popular scenes have been viewed more than a quarter of a million times. Will this beat it?

2000 thousand scenes. Nine sites. Over 650 men. 240 series. 19 tops into bottoms. And the gay porn parodies everyone loves to hate. .

Five years later, they must be doing something great every once in a while. And they do.


Yesterday, for example, with Darius Ferdynand and Hector de Silva was smoking. “Tarzan” was outstanding. They have had their moments. They have created their stars. Their two biggest being Johnny Rapid and Paddy O’Brian.

Johnny Rapid [The Sword archive]   [His 161 scenes at]

[Watch Johnny Rapid & Rafael Alencar in “Prison Shower – Part 2”]

I think it’s Pavlovian now. Johnny Rapid walks in the room, and every man drops their pants and lines up for the orgy. But actually, Johnny’s most popular scene didn’t involve a gang bang. But it did involve a big bang. And a nightstick. And Rafael Alencar. With 173,577 views, it’s “Prison Shower – Part 2” from November of 2011.

Paddy O’Brian [The Sword archive]   [His 92 scenes at]

[Watch Paddy O’Brian & Topher Dimaggio in “Top to Bottom – Part 2”]

The brutish Brit you either love or hate but can’t stop lusting after. And while Paddy’s finally sucking Connor Maguire in “Gay of Thrones – Part 5” may have been the hummer watched around the gay porn world, it’s not Paddy’s most viewed scene. That came with, no pun intended, the 81,169 times folks watched Paddy get fucked by Topher Dimaggio in “Top to Bottom – Part 2”.

Johnny Rapid and Paddy O’Brian.

[Watch Johnny Rapid and Paddy O’Brian in “5 Years in the Making”]

“5 Years in the Making”, is’s 5th Anniversary match with Paddy O’Brian fucking Johnny Rapid. Paddy looks hot as ever. And for someone who has had more dicks than the only urinal at the Astrodome on fifty-cent beer day, Johnny’s looking amazingly fresh here too. The question is, how’s the scene and how does it stack up against those that have cum before?

Mirror, mirror, churn your balls,
What’s the hottest scene of all?

5 thoughts on “Worth The 5 Year Wait? Paddy O’Brian Fucks Johnny Rapid For Anniversary”

  1. Lets see Paddy first bottom debut was with the most stupid and unknown porn stuff Topher DM (btw is he a top or bottom bc he cant do any of this not even good); Johnny Rapid and most bottom of the bottom str8 guy in world maybe – was fucked so many times by Rafael Alencar moster cock idt he feel anything… maybe will be interesting to see him take a cock on Rocco or Culter X. But two of them in one idk….
    I was forgot that shit director Marc MacNamara cant do anything good (if of course that is not for Diego cunt Sans) so dont expect something

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