paddy obrian fucks ken rodeo

Paddy O’Brian’s First Time At The Ken Rodeo

The video is called “Ours”, but Paddy O’Brian makes Ken Rodeo’s watering mouth and tight pink hole all his.

With his newly cultivated porn stache and platinum locks, Austrian newcomer on the rapid rise to gay porn stardom, Ken Rodeo, looks more like a blow-up love doll come to life than ever. As for Paddy O’Brian, head-to-toe, and especially in between, the man is a living G-d.

Today, the blow-up doll gets his British invasion. Something tells me this might not be Paddy’s last at the Rodeo either.

paddy obrian fucks ken rodeoThis scene kicks off’s new series, “Ours”. Filmed in letterbox format across the pond and directed by Alter Sin, the filmography is exquisite. The stills rival those in a high-end magazine, but it’s Ken’s pink end that commands the attention of everything Paddy can get inside in.

paddy obrian fucks ken rodeoKen could likely suck the legs off a table and sets out to do the same to Paddy’s third leg. Paddy, however, had other ideas that he explored with his finger, then fingers, then tongue, in a 360° rim job that left Ken with two sets of quivering lips.

paddy obrian fucks ken rodeoPaddy bends Ken’s over, impales himself all the way to the balls and literally fucks Ken till he’s up against the wall.

paddy obrian fucks ken rodeoHe’s not referred to as the British brute for nothing. After Ken takes a long, hard ride on his cock, Paddy lays him down, gets into a squatting pile-driver and jackhammers until Ken’s torso is crisscrossed in his own cum. Then he stands over him and unleashes his own white storm. And we end where we began, right on the lips.


[Watch Ken Rodeo & Paddy O’Brian in “Ours” part one]

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