Parker Perry Will Suck All The Dicks

It’s the orgy of the summer, hands down, with Parker Perry serving as gangbang bottom for Josh West, Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Saint and more.

Below, Parker’s mesmerizing blue eyes juxtaposed with five of the biggest dicks in gay porn, a.k.a., the best picture of all time:

no. words.

Free hardcore trailer of Hot House’s Pack Attack 4 here.

[Hot House: Pack Attack 4]


14 thoughts on “Parker Perry Will Suck All The Dicks”

  1. Case in point re: circumcision. Check out the smooth and silky cock head compared to the dried out and cracked ones in the first picture. I rest my case.

  2. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    Why are the bottoms in gangbangs always so fucking ugly ??? Aside from Lane Fuller and Caesar , all the ones have seen have been an epic FAIL.

  3. Alexander has let himself go a little, but he’s still attractive. A little pudge never hurt anybody he still has muscle mass!

    And I thought everyone knew that HotHouse could care less about a model’s barebacking past. Falcon is another one that doesn’t care.

    1. I read most gay blogs for random critical comments about strangers’ bodies. Strangers that the people making the comments jack off to.

      At least these comments weren’t as bad as the ones on Manhunt:

      “OMG From that Preview Parker perry looks strung out on PNP!”

      Because you can tell that from a 15-second preview, where they show about 1 second of his face. yea.

  4. What happened to Alexsander Freitas in the 2nd pic down?!?!

    Is it just the angle of the photo? He had THE ideal body…wonder what happened.

    1. What are you talking about? He is hotter now. I love the smooth slip and slide look on him. That little belly is so freaking hot. He looks better than ever. Now I am a huge fan of his. Please dont change a thing!
      On another note. Looks like Hot House is out of money. Bareback model Tyler Saint and others? Talk about the mark downs.
      Only a few hot guys in this one. Too bad because I am a fan of this series.

  5. I think Parker is one fucking cute guy. Hair in all the right places, has some killer eyes and a nice uncut cock in his own right. He seems to be the new bottom guy(although he has recently topped Landon in a scene from Raging Falcon not to long ago) working around with all the right companies.
    That first pic is awesome no doubt about it.

  6. I like the first picture but I find gangbangs hard to follow. Maybe I am dimwitted.

    But your write-up of a Hot House movie allow me to say this: where in hell is Blu Kennedy? They hired him as an exclusive, did one scene and then nada! WTF? Urgh. Anyway thanks for letting me rant and back to usual commenting.

    Also “five of the biggest dicks in gay porn”. Hum, no.

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