[NSFW] Patrick Bateman: Out Of Jail & Breakin’ The Law


Maybe because his profile is as baffling as his  always-changing porn names: He’s listed himself as serving in Manhattan, says, "It’s good to be back in nyc", but then all caps, "I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA" before panding for cross-country airfare. 

And while Bateman is cute and all, to anyone thinking of hiring a straight-identified ex-con hustler who named himself after a fictional serial killer, well, as they say, caveat emptor.


8 thoughts on “[NSFW] Patrick Bateman: Out Of Jail & Breakin’ The Law”

  1. I feel so bad for Pat having to go through what he did. I understand that he violated his probation, but it was incredibly stupid to put him on probation in the first place because of a 6-month age difference. Especially if it was all consensual. I’m no lawyer, but it sounds like the charges were VERY trumped up against him and he was treated unfairly. I hope he can put that experience behind him someday. Hopefully he can return to the industry as well to make his fans happy with more videos!

  2. He is Not on Parole or Probation. Repeat: NOT on parole or probation. His crime was 7-years ago, when he was 18 for dating a girl 6-months younger for 3-yrs (and he is still friends with her, and never took advantage of her). he was jailed for not seeing his probation officer last june. caveat emptor? tractus vita.

  3. He must be stupid. First of all, you’re “straight”, and if you really are “straight” don’t nobody want a half ass performance. Some gay men are stupid and will buy anything, though. Second of all, you’re an ex-con, I don’t trust you when you’re 50 feet away let alone in my bedroom. I’m assuming “Rentboy” is a gay escort site? If so, why doesn’t he go to a “straight” website and sell dick and leave the real gay boys to us.

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