paul canon fucks dustin holloway falcon

Dustin Holloway’s Canon Ball Run

As your hopefully “Wild Weekend” gets started, Dustin Holloway and Paul Canon’s is already under water.

As Dustin Holloway and Paul Canon strip down to their white briefs and step into the hot tub, they trade a knowing glance. Pretty soon, they are swapping spit and trading hummers. This pent up anticipation has been building since they arrived for their “Wild Weekend”.

paul canon fucks dustin holloway falconAfter all, San Fransico is a place of almost mythic sexual promise where anything can happen and Falcon was there to capture it all. Paul Canon is looking grown up and handsome. Dustin Holloway is as sexy as his Randy Blue days. And like we saw last week with Austin Wolf, if anything, his appetite for a stiff dicking has only grown.

paul canon fucks dustin holloway falconA passionate lip lock leads to hard cocks, dropped briefs, and a blowjob that starts poolside. Dustin, however, ends up expanding the definition of what “going down” means. It’s not just his glutes: the man has some stellar lung capacity as well.

paul canon fucks dustin holloway falconAfter Paul eats his ass, Dustin is craving to be filled. By the time he’s riding Paul’s cock, his ass is making Paul’s balls dance in their sack.

paul canon fucks dustin holloway falconFucking at a furious clip, Paul makes Dustin shudder as he pumps him until Dustin’s abs are drenched in his own juice. Immediately after, Paul fires up seven, count ’em seven rips of cum that cover Dustin from his shoulders to his balls.


[Watch Dustin Holloway & Paul Canon in “Wild Weekend Part 1” scene three]

paul canon fucks dustin holloway falcon
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