Chris Damned

Pervy Chris Damned Gives Himself a Cum Mustache

The sexy creeper sneaks into a motel room and sniffs used underwear to work up his big uncut cock, then fucks the hell out of a pillow that never saw it coming before blasting a big load all over his scruffy face.

Before we go any further, can we just take a moment to drool…I mean, look at this man…

Chris Damned

Those eyes. That face. That bod. That cock and sac! Ugh! We recently saw Chris Damned and Dillon Diaz in a hot anonymous encounter, but Chris hasn’t had enough of the No Tell Motel. Horned up from his hookup, he wanders the outside and peers into one of the rooms, letting himself in to creep around.

Chris Damned Chris Damned

Showing us the big perv that he is, he sniffs the smell of man off the bed sheets before smelling the used clothes in the suitcase—and the dirty underwear on the floor, which gets him so horned up he whips out his big uncut cock as he smothers his face in the used briefs. He rubs them on his own cock and smells it again, whiffing his own shaft scent.

Chris Damned Chris Damned

Chris works his dick, then gets on his knees to teach the pillow a lesson—fucking it as he grips the sheets and moans. Chris spits down on his cock as he fucks his hand, then gets on his back, sniffing the briefs and his own pit as he works his dick.

Chris Damned Chris Damned

Chris moans even louder, finally working out a massive load that rockets up to his face and gives him a cut mustache (so hot!!!) before cleaning himself up with the stranger’s used, sweaty briefs (we told you he was a perv).

See the full scene at Raging Stallion!


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