Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly

Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly Talk Dicks During Underwear Hangout: ‘I’m A Grower’

Celeb friends Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly are stripping down for Calvin Klein! Late Monday, the Saturday Night Live comedian and famed musician took to Instagram live to promote the iconic underwear brand’s newest campaign while deciding to ditch their pants and talk about their cocks in the process.

“Nice stuff, by the way,” Pete told MGK about his oversized bulge. “I get it now. Good for you. Good for you, dog.”

At one point during the live event, MGK and Pete joked about stuffing their pants during a photoshoot and according to Page Six, Kelly said that he would “put an extra two socks in there and blew the world’s mind.” (If you remember correctly, this is kinda something MGK has already done!)

“Always gotta fluff it up or get a sweet in-between-er, you can’t just go cold,” Pete responded. “I’m a grower for sure. I’m not really a grower or a shower. It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder.”

This isn’t the first time Pete Davidson has taken to a public forum to discuss dicks with his famous friends. Earlier this year during a press event for The Suicide Squad, Pete told co-star John Cena that his uncles were “obsessed with your bulge” and even said that the wrestling icon has a “huge piece.” He went on to describe the muscle hunk’s manhood as “a log.” You can read our original write-up on that exchange right here.

So what do you think about these two celebs? Did you ever try that Pete Davidson dildo? Are you into tattooed guys like MGK and Pete? Are you like us and were secretly wishing that one of them experienced a wardrobe malfunction and had a major dick slip during this IG live? Sound off with all your hot thoughts in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Pete Davidson & Machine Gun Kelly Talk Dicks During Underwear Hangout: ‘I’m A Grower’”

  1. Love the tattoo’s love straight men! To you haters here please send in pics of yourself. Nothing good to say shut your pie holes.

    1. You’re a dumb ass. We did not say we hate them. We just don’t care for tats that are overly done. As for pie holes, go eat your mama’s rancid pie hole!

  2. I get it if someone doesn’t like tattoos but to completely berate them is unnecessary. Everyone has their own opinion about what is aesthetically appealing to them, but really?

  3. Two ugly straight man talking about dick size. And this would be of interest to me on gay entertainment site because? Oh, right. I guess I just answered my question; if I’m gay I’m supposed to be focused on dick size.

    1. Gay entertainment site? It’s a PORN blog about DICKS and the men attached to them, and sometimes ASSHOLES.
      Sorry you didn’t understand the assignment
      Doubly sorry you don’t understand sexy when you see it

    1. Agreed. But if any studio decides to make a parody on these 2 dirty guys, Michael Del Rey would be a shoe in for Pete Davidson.

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