Masters of the Iron Cock PeterFever

PeterFever Showcases Intense Fight Choreography In New Martial Arts-Inspired Series

If you’ve ever fantasized about Bruce Lee-style martial arts action, then you should check out this new series from PeterFever East. Masters of the Iron Cock brings together hot man-on-man fight sequences and even hotter man-on-man anal action. The series also features authentic costumes and a “1970s martial arts movie-inspired story of honor and erotic one-upsmanship.”

Masters of the Iron Cock revolves around nine studly warriors who duke it out and stroke it out to decide who gets to be the next “Master.” And yes, there will be a heavy amount of actual combat in this series. In preparation for their roles in the series, all nine Iron Cock castmembers were specially trained in martial arts combat to prepare for the intense fight scenes.

Masters of the Iron Cock PeterFever Masters of the Iron Cock PeterFever

Episode one of Iron Cock has already dropped and the remaining four episodes are expected to be released one-by-one every Tuesday. The series’ nine-person cast includes the series’ director Duncan Ku. According to the site, directing adult entertainment’s first hardcore gay martial arts movie was a thrill and challenge for Ku, well-known as Gun Ryu across Asia.

“It was awesome shooting my first scene for PeterFever,” said the director and lead actor.

Masters of the Iron Cock PeterFever Masters of the Iron Cock PeterFever

Take a look below at the trailer for episode one of Masters of the Iron Cock and be sure to check out the full scene over on PeterFever!


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