pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett

Pheonix Fellington Plunders Leo Luckett’s Booty

Since plundering means “stealing goods with force,” I stand corrected. One look at Pheonix’s huge, hungry dick and Leo offered up that ass of more than willingly. Good thing. He may never get it back.

All good things must come to end.

This includes “The Devil’s Deal & Other Sordid Tales” from NakedSword Originals.

The sorid tales come to an end today in a brazen maritime tale of lust filmed in broad daylight right in San Francisco Bay.

“Now you see them, now you don’t,” will take on a new significance as go on. But for now, seeing Pheonix Fellington ripped chiseled body large and in charge to a very lucky and ultimately grateful Leo Luckett will both fill your screen as well as your dick.

pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett Our chiseled adventure seeker, Pheonix Fellington, accepts an invitation for a day on Leo Luckett’s pleasure craft. Some nagging, unanswered questions about Leo’s ex-boyfriend have Pheonix thinking there’s something creepy about the cute young sailor. But all is overlooked for a chance to hit his juicy bubble-butt.

pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett Lust rules the day. Pheonix and Leo don’t even bother to go below deck. They begin their suck and fuck fest in plain sight of the Bay Bridge. Then again, Pheonix would need a submarine to hide that honker of a dick. And that is the big head that is in control. For now.

pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett Pheonix’s muscles are far from just decorative. Ditto for his dick. And for Leo’s hole. The boat has been transformed into their fuck pad. And not one inch of anything isn’t called into use .

pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett Fuck steering the ship. Leo is too busy riding Pheonix’s cock until he spills a heavy load all over Pheonix’s abs. With his tongue down Leo’s throat, Pheonix now releases his treasure that leaves his body lacerated in ropes of cum from pecs from pubes.

But as the weather starts to turn, someone’s luck suddenly takes a turn for the worst.

[Watch Leo & Pheonix in “The Devil’s Deal and Other Sordid Tales” scene four ‘Deadly Tide’ at NakedSword]

Each sordid tale is hotter than the next. Have you seen them all?
pheonix fellington fucks leo luckett
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Scene two: Viktor Belmont & Justin Brody in “Beyond The Grave”
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Scene three: Casey Jacks & Rukus in “‘Til Death Do Us Part”
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4 thoughts on “Pheonix Fellington Plunders Leo Luckett’s Booty”

  1. Leo seems to be appearing everywhere these days… and that’s good thing since he’s just so much sexy and in such a small cute package too!

  2. Phoenix Fellington is literally beyond gorgeous. But that hair is not working for me.

    Still wouldn’t stop me though…

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