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Pheonix Fellington For The Win

Real estate agent Wesley Woods planned to show a client the ins and out of his new listing, but ended up sliding in and out of Pheonix Fellington’s dick-crushing glutes.

In this third scene from “It’s Coming” by Raging Stallion, industrious Wesley Woods is putting the famous murder house back on the market after a slick makeover.

When Pheonix Fellington arrives at the open house, Wesley realizes that Pheonix isn’t a potential buyer, but an online hookup that he invited to the empty house before it opens. And while “open” is accurate, the term “empty” doesn’t apply for long.

pheonix fellington wesley woods facialWe haven’t’ seen Wesley Woods in a while and he’s looking like a sight for sore eyes. Pheonix Fellington, who made his debut in “MXXX: The Hardest Ride” we never see often enough. His recent bareback flip was very welcome. But the man sure knows how to take some dickM.a<. And today he also uses his in a way we haven’t seen before.

As Pheonix’s big piece grows bigger and harder in his mouth, Wesley slurps and sucks and gags. Then, he started working the backside and dove in face first. If he didn’t have to come up for air, I bet we’d never see his face.

pheonix fellington wesley woods facialSeeing Pheonix back up and ride Wesley is worth the price of admission alone. Then, Wesley flips Pheonix on his back, spreads his legs wide and proceeds to drive them home.

pheonix fellington wesley woods facialWesley sprays his load all over Pheonix’s leg and balls. But Wesley isn’t done yet. He begs for Pheonix to bust in his mouth. A wish that Pheonix is only too happy to grant. But, when Pheonix discovers he’s just been fucked in the infamous murder house, he bounces fast and runs into someone on the way out. He too doesn’t yet know that “It’s Coming”.

[Watch Pheonix & Wesley in “It’s Coming” scene three at Raging Stallion]

This is my favorite scene in the movie so far. How about you?

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