Phillip Aubrey: “There Was No Stabbing”

Gay porn star Spencer Reed gave his version of events and posted photos of the wound allegedly inflicted by ex-boyfriend Phillip Aubrey (who faces trial on assault charges), and now Aubrey is sharing his side of the story.

In a long, sometimes incoherent, and ultimately disturbing letter sent to The Sword last night, Aubrey speaks at times to Reed himself, while at other times seems to be addressing the former couple’s fans. He alleges that Reed has been abusing him throughout their entire relationship (remember, Reed has said the exact opposite), and describes the recent incident that led to his arrest as a sort of accident–an accident that was the result of a broken dog bowl.

The unedited letter:

i have tried to maintain myself as a gentlemen by not airing out my dirty laundry. what spencer is doing is tacky! i was defending myself. spencer has been on steroids from the first month of us dating back in october 2009. He in turn is a very sweet and loving individual. and i fell and was in love with him. but the rage began a month after moving in with each other. his violent outburst and his need to feel dominant prevailed so many times through out the course of our relationship. and first let me just say that ANYONE who even remotely thinks i am capable of abusing or beating spencer reed has a screw loose. and anyone who knows me, knows that im not that kind of person at all. and for all the ones i call my real friends and trust me i have many, they dont believe this for a minute. mainly because they were the ones i turned to when i had bruises from where he would strangle me against a wall because i thought i could be a dom on, or punched me in the head because the elastic in his underwear was to tight. or try to throw me in front of a train because i told him he had food on his face. he calls his fans and people on twitter his real friends, the truth is that i lived with him for two years and he doesnt have any true real friends except for one. and he only came over when spencer needed his weed. ive been the victim for too long. and i dont need to come on here and air my laundry out or take pity from anyone because i had respect for him.

i gave it my all. and then one night after things were good for awhile he lost it again and threw a shoe at me in my sleep. and when i tried to get him back in bed from the couch he was unresponsive. so when i got him back into bed he got back out and when i tried to get him back in pulling on his hips his underwear ripped and he lost it. [he] ripped my clothes and proceeded to push me around the apartment and right over the kitchen table that in turn fell and broke my 8 month old puppies food bowl. as i was picking up the pieces i turned around there he was and i pushed him away from me, which then scraped his arm. i had no idea the extent of his injuries, and i picked up my dog and ran to the bathroom to hide. the next thing the cops are there and im being arrested. there was no stabbing, no knife. and definitely no account for little me to be abusing the big bad wolf, who obviously is the one crying wolf and blabbing about it immediately to cover up the black hole that is his sole.

i dont need any ones pity or sympathy because it was me who couldnt walk away from him, who should have the day he knocked me unconscious in san diego at gay pride with blood gushing down the side of my head. as i let him clean the wound in a 7 11 gas station on rosecrans blvd. REMEMBER THAT BABE! this is all a ploy because i dont need to prove myself or sheild myself from my own reality because im a good person with a good soul and a life out side of all of this. i thought id wait till after trial where i will bring all of my evidence and win this thing to get on here and say something in my defense. but dont believe what you see in the tabloids people. its bull shit. im hurt. and quite disgusted with myself and mr reed at this moment. he stripped my apt bare took my dog which belongs to me and left me with rent has gone online in a matter of days talking about how he wants to do this and that to this person and moving to cali. you have fun with that. its obvious who really cares in this situation. and obvious who really has the life and the support from TRUE friends here.

sorry for the aggressiveness in his letter but i would have thought people would be human beings at a time like this. and really all of this just sickens me. talking about how we pornstars dont have real lifes. obviously its not us, definitly not me. i have a career love and a song in my heart and now im fortunate i dont have to wake up and worry about fitting myself into a box or worrying about what to say and not say around someone just to make them happy. or have glasses and furniture thrown around the house because someone cant practice self control. spencer is 240 pounds of steroid muscle im 170 and very in touch with my fem side so PLEASE look at the big picture here. and what i do with my life on any site, film, or daily activity is my own business and no one elses! stay tuned. peace im out.

Phillip Aubrey is set to appear in a Washington D.C. court on September 8th, 2011, where he faces one charge of simple assault and one charge of attempted possession of a prohibited weapon.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of this story, the upcoming legal proceedings, and some of the hearsay coming from anonymous commenters below, I’ve closed the comments on this post.

22 thoughts on “Phillip Aubrey: “There Was No Stabbing””

  1. I don’t either of these men personally, but I have very good friends who know one of Spencer’s exes. Spencer used to beat the shit out of him. It was a terribly abusive relationship for the other guy. Again, I never witnessed any of this, but I do know who the ex is, and I trust my friends when they tell me what happened. Once an abuser, always an abuser. Phillip may have injured Spencer that night – no one will know the truth other than those two men involved, but I am fairly certain it pales in comparison to what Spencer had inflicted on Phillip during their relationship. History repeats itself. Stay away from Spencer boys.

  2. Dear Phillip,

    I suggest that you refrain from telling your side of the story until you’ve had your day in court.
    As of right now, you only need to convince the people in that courtroom about your innocence. Not here.
    Anything you say before you get in that court room can be used for or AGAINST you.
    The same applies to your ex-boyfriend. Now is not the time to air out your dirty laundry.
    The same advice applies to Spencer. U both should shut your traps.

    I suggest instead you keep low profile and hire a good attorney. To be honest, I’m sure there’s plenty of blame to go around for both of you.
    As a side note, Spencer does need to lay off the roids. Who the hell enjoys all that horrible acne on his back. It’s a total turn off.


  3. i have to much agree with niles . spencer isnt the only oerson i know who does them . my best friends and previous boyfriends have done steroids .and they are fine . i like big men that are in control. however it is proven that when ther are underlying issues or problems one has .such as split personality bipolar or any dark thing . steroids can raise thm to the surface. and i dont know . but i layed low and quite through out all of the events with reed. and ill just say one last thing . im not an abusive person . im not crazy . but we do all have a crazy moments. i did not stab anyone . look at the cuts they are jagged and going in two lines , i was pushing him away as i was in the process of picking up a table and picking up peices of my dogs food bowl . whom btw is ok . we hid in the bathroom together afterwards. I am ashamed of myself for even spending this much time trying to get through to people who only see things one way . only because there sexual lust for an individual . and perhaps because you may think you know someone only because they tweet all day everyday back and forth . its fake and ficticious , the whole bit when it comes to pornstars who teet everything they do . i dont personally get down with it , because i do have a whole other life going on . as im sure everyone in porn does for the most part. but spencer did nothing but sit on twitter and facebook at home . and he goes and lives by this alternate reality that he feels he has to live up to and be seen a certain way by everyone .
    rather than see the truth . this is all ridiculous . but i have made a choice to come on here and do this . and speak up for myself . yes women who are smaller and more vulnerable can abuse or hurt the larger spouse being the STR* man as somone put it. but this is not the case . spencer is a dom . he has and has always been the tuff guy and . yes is sweet and many things i loved about him . why would i have stayed and tried to make it work .? but i stuck through it so much and begged him to get help (therapy) and talk to someone about his issues . and yes i have my own . im well aware of them . but im not a violent person . i love with my whole heart and always am in the best of moods . i tried to make him see the light in so many occasions.and sometimes i succeeded and sometimes i didnt . but to go on here and blast such personal business the way he has really goes to show how much he doesnt have. i have a golden rule and that is to never give up on someone you love .and to fight your hardest for that person . also to never throw them under the bus . and these were things he expressed to me to never do even in the beginning of our relationship and it was a vow i lived up too, until now.
    however this was not the case of little man beats big man . this is a case of some severe self insecurities. i have my own insecurities and i own them . i lived it . i was here and so was he and no one else was . I know the truth and so does spencer reed. and the truth is . this is our business . but being a pornstar in the lime light makes this impossible. but to ridicule one individual over the other . shows all lack of compassion and humanity on so many parts . i appreciate the support i have and thank everyone who is supportive of both me and spencer. Sencer knows exactly what im talking about and has no respect for either himself or me in this situation . and its disgusting because he walks around and goes about knowing that deep down inside he was wrong for what he did to me for so long. and in no way did i act out in revenge . one day the truth will come out . and for the bystander who said he may be the only one who believes me . well thats all i need is one . and i think i know exactly who the bystander is . youll see trust me . the beast is asleep right now but he will rise to the service again . and me and my friends and everyone else will see for themselves..

  4. sorry im not the best writer. thats not what i get paid to do. im the blodest ditsiest person i know . im semi retarded when it comes to computers and writing and oh MATH! so who cares. this was his plan to sheild himself and everyone believe and pity him . i may be like a child at heart and naive . but thats exactly why i have let people especially spencer take advantage of me . but not anymore . sorry i dont write perfectly ..

    1. maybe you should take this as a wakeup call to get out of this business and start anew. Hope you both find peace and happiness.

  5. Just because its not written perfectly does not mean that there is no truth to what he said. Who the hell knows what happened ? Certainly none of us…only those two and for now at least its one version versus the other.

  6. I have problems to believe the mental clarity (or, for that matter, anything) of a person that writes in this way… it seems under the effect of something!

    I wouldn’t bring the boundgods videos for proof of anything. It’s only a porn video.

  7. It’s well documented that steroid causes rage among men. I would never get involved with someone dabling in steroids.

    1. Actually it’s not “well documented”. It happens to a very small number of people who do steroids. You’ve just heard it somewhere or read it on the Internet and you assume it’s true. I know plenty of people who have done a cycle of steroids and their moods were not affected. There are many misconceptions about it and making statements, such as yours, shows your ignorance.

      1. I know plenty of people who have experienced roid rage first hand.

        It’s just like any drug really, it causes aggression in people who have a disposition to be violent.

  8. Unless you know either Spencer or Phillip personally and were in the house living with them it seems a pointless exercise to take sides & make judgments. I also have to disagree: sometimes there are NOT two sides to every story

  9. To be honest, from the other side of the computer this does seem like the more likely course of events. But I guess it’s up to the courts to decide who gets the blame.

    1. Its all very sad. I will say that their Bound Gods shoots (especially the “training” one) were awkward to watch because they seemed like some bizarre therapy sessions. I don’t pretend to know ANYTHING that actually happened but I agree with the poster who said the Phillip didn’t seem to want to be there. He seemed to be there only because Spencer wanted him to and those tears seemed real to me.

      Anyway, there are two sides to every story so time will tell, but its sad all around.

  10. He “scraped” his arm and needed 27 stitches? Righty-ho. And what was the prohibited weapon? Bits of broken dog bowl?

  11. His account may not be the most articulate, but if you’ve seen any of his BoundGods videos, he clearly doesn’t look like he wants to be there. It may not have been a healthy relationship, but even the differences in size between Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed make it unlikely that Phillip was the abuser in their relationship. I’ve been on the receiving end of Spencer Reed’s rage, and while I realize I may be the only one that does, I believe Phillip Aubrey.

    1. I respect the fact that you have more information than I do but

      “the differences in size between Phillip Aubrey and Spencer Reed make it unlikely that Phillip was the abuser in their relationship”

      by that logic do you believe it’s “unlikely” that straight guys can be abused by their female partners because they certainly can be, in fact the female or physically smaller partner can be more dangerous because they’re more likely to pick up weapons.

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