Photos: Landon Conrad, The Santoros, Deviant Otter, and Many More Sluts at Folsom Street Fair 2015

This year’s Folsom Street Fair was one for the books, with nice weather and a few hundred thousand sex tourists coming to San Francisco for the annual bacchanal.

There’s probably still an after-party going on somewhere, but I made it asleep before midnight last night, and survived what was like my 14th Folsom, and yes, it does get old.

Many porn stars were in town for the festivities, if they didn’t already live here, including Landon Conrad, Billy and Seth Santoro (who were performing at the Nob Hill Theater), Alexander Gustavo, Boomer Banks, Colby Jansen, and the Deviant Otter, who had his own booth at the fair sponsored by Manhunt, and whose balls were hanging out for most of the afternoon. Plus there were San Francisco’s own porn stars Jessie Colter, Jimmy Durano, Adam Ramzi, Brian Bonds, and more.

Boomer spent the day with a red-pleather-clad drag queen and one-time-porn model Violet Chachki, who you may know by now is kind of into this shit.

Below, some photos from me, Boomer, mr. Pam, and various others.

Im a unicorn gawd dammit @violetchachki #folsomstreetfair #BOOMERME #BeardedandTattooed #ShutterSlut

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Caption this…. @violetchachki we came through this weekend happy first Folsom poodle I love you

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Update: The dude getting ball-tortured in the Hannibal Lecter mask is’s Derek Pain.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Landon Conrad, The Santoros, Deviant Otter, and Many More Sluts at Folsom Street Fair 2015”

  1. Andrew needs to loosen up. I’m a preppy, clean cut designer but even I appreciate a freaky Schwab middle manager dreseed up like a dog with his wife in a horsey outfit getting whipped by a Pottery Barn chandelier merchant. It’s pre-Halloween. And it’s really just fine.

    1. Yes that is mean on the kink display chariot Derek Pain being wheeled around..fuck it would be nice if these reporters at least showed some consideration if they are going to use photos of the models in their posts and acknowledge them.

      Derek Pain

    1. What is ugly is your lack of respect for others who are different than your plain jane vanilla self. What you consider poor taste is beauty to others. Grow up no one was forced to enter the fair.

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