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Pierce Paris Calls For Performers To Stop Starving Themselves [Updated]

If you’re a porn model that’s about to bottom on camera, how do you prepare for your shoot? Are you one of those performers that doesn’t eat before a scene? If so, hung hunk Pierce Paris would like to have a word with you!

Pierce took to Twitter earlier this week to announce a special PSA to anyone who is about to bottom on film – stop starving yourselves! In a series of tweets, the Raging Stallion performer called for bottoms to take care of themselves and shared some tips on cleaning out.

Pierce Paris

“Bottoms stop starving yourself that is the most ridiculous thing ever! I have never fasted for any bottom scene. Take an hour clean out in the morning and you will be clean the rest of the day,” tweeted the star.

“I have never needed to take Imodium either. Just eat solid proteins the night before avoid anything that will end up in small particles. Note I said the night before- because that’s how long your body takes to digest food not an hour after you eat it.”

Pierce Paris

In a reply to his original tweets, Pierce did note that this may be different for anyone with irregular digestive behavior. Model Alexis Tae replied saying that she has IBS and it has “never taken me an hour to cleanout” and Pierce noted that anyone with IBS might want to stay away from anything that might stimulate bowel movement.

Pierce Paris

Other replies to Pierce’s bottoming tweets ranged from performers agreeing with him to some others admitting they practice the behavior Pierce is mentioning. NakedSword performer Jesse Bolton replied to Pierce’s tweet saying that he feels “called out.” Oop! I guess we all know how Jesse prepares for his bottoming scenes now!

Update! 06/28/21

After this piece was published on our site, Pierce took to Twitter to clarify that his comments were intended for “other performers doing anal in the industry” and were not directed towards “fans and viewers.” This post has since been updated to reflect that.


8 thoughts on “Pierce Paris Calls For Performers To Stop Starving Themselves [Updated]”

  1. salv1031@yahoo.com

    look I’ve always felt that your “digestive system” is on a something goes in so something has to go out kind of schedule. after I eat, I have to eliminate a short time later. If I know or think I’m going to receive down there, I douche just to make sure there aren’t any “stragglers” I have to admit that I don’t feel comfortable getting fucked right after I eat even if I eliminate and douche but that’s a personal thing

  2. Eat several bowls of chili and a huge plate of fried eggs and tell the person you are getting it on with that you get off on having your ass rimmed and film their expression on their face.

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