pierce paris derek bolt flip fuck

Pierce Paris & Derek Bolt Are Getting Physical

Turns out, the best way to get over a groin injury is flip-fucking with your medical practitioner — especially when he’s hung like Pierce and the patient is a mountain of muscle.

Hot House breathed new, and very hot life, into the old “physical exam” bit last week with JJ Knight and Ace Era.

Today, in the second scene, they are doing it again.

It’s not just that Pierce and Derek look great together.

It’s that they are great together.

pierce paris derek bolt flip fuckIt’s been quite a year for Pierce Paris. He was one of the breakout stars from Falcon’s “Code Of Silence” earlier this summer and just last week was “spreading ready” for JJ Knight. As for muscle man Derek Bolt, he’s a rare commodity these days: a model who isn’t always everywhere. And we rarely see him get a chance to top. If all of that sounds like the ingredients for a very hot scene, the proof will be in the proverbial pudding. Dick pudding that is. Theirs and yours.

pierce paris derek bolt flip fuckIt doesn’t take long until both Derek and Pierce to be buck naked and throbbing hard. A sixty-nine turned rimsky-nine has them both lubed, leaking, and more than ready to put everything to use today.

pierce paris derek bolt flip fuckAfter taking Derek’s temperature with his tongue, Pierce slams right in. All the way in. Watching Pierce’s massive sack thwap back and forth against Derek’s hairy taint is a visual deserving to be in an endless loop that will get you off right into next year.

pierce paris derek bolt flip fuckSuddenly needing an injection himself, Pierce rolls over onto the exam table and Derek starts pounding away. His powerful thrusts have Pierce’s load making an exit all over his perfect abs then Derek’s nut follows immediately after. Derek ends the scene giving the doctor a taste of his own medicine.

[Watch Derek & Pierce in “Private Practice – scene three at Hot House]

Not everyone is picture perfect versatile, but switching things up and showing models doing things they usually don’t can be hot too as we saw today. Do you tire of “top” or “bottom” only performers?


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