pierce paris fucks casey jacks

Pierce Paris Nails Casey Jacks

This is was a perfect pairing looks like: Paris’ mouthwatering cock and Casey’s golden ass.

“Paris Perfect” from NakedSword Originals may have come to a close this week, but the perfection of Paris Perfect lives on.

From a sensual mashup with Roman Todd to getting spit-roasted at GuysInSweatpants, Casey has had a wild ride this year. And when it comes to riding, few do it as well as Casey.

Today, Casey Jacks is riding Paris in the third scene from “Hidden Palms” from Falcon. Let the hotness begin.

pierce paris fucks casey jacks“Pierce Paris is enjoying some time in the pool and when he sees Casey Jacks napping on a couch, Pierce decides to wake him up with a kiss. Casey is thrilled and reaches back to feel what Pierce has packed inside of his Speedo.

pierce paris fucks casey jacksWhat Casey finds is an extra large dick just waiting for his mouth to make it hard. And with a mouth like Casey’s, it doesn’t have to wait long at all.

pierce paris fucks casey jacksParis makes a buffet out of Casey’s hairy hole until neither one can take the anticipation any longer. Pierce invades those golden globes inch by inch then the full balls to tip thrusting begins.

pierce paris fucks casey jacksCasey climbs on top of Pierce’s tower and rides him himself to the brink. Then, Pierce takes control, flips Casey on back, and cranks up the speed. Casey’s usual low-hanging balls are now tightly curled as Pierce’s pounding makes him explode all over himself. Pierce promplty extracts his plunger and pelts Casey with a spray from pecs to pubes.

[Watch Casey & Pierce in “Hidden Palms” scene two at Falcon]

Casey Jacks is one hot man, but I think I like him better with a bit of scruff. You?

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