pierce paris fucks dean monroe

Dean Monroe: The Human Prescription For Your Dick

Very few gay porn stars reach legendary status. Dean Monroe is one of them. Today, he’s back on the blue screen and for not just Pierce Paris but for all of us, he’s just what the doctor ordered.

Dean Monroe first appeared on the blue screen in the year 2000.

18 years later, here is again, in this third scene from “Jock Doc” from Hot House.

A little salt and pepper at his temples is new. And there’s some fresh ink ala Adam Levine as well.

He’s hot as ever. Just ask Pierce Paris. Or for an opinion a little closer to home, hit the play button as see the effect he still has on your dick.

pierce paris fucks dean monroeDean Monore splashed across our radar when he returned along with Andrew Stark, Blake Riley, and Brad Patton about a year ago for one of the best gay porn films of last year, “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2” from Falcon. Now that’s he’s back, I hope he stays put. As for Pierce, he and his huge cock continue to reign supreme. More, please.

pierce paris fucks dean monroe“Pierce Paris has a sore shoulder from practice and is waiting to be checked out on the exam table. When nurse Dean Monroe gets a look at Pierce, he puts on a white lab coat and pretends to be the doctor. Dean isn’t going to let this stud get away, and after massaging Pierce’s shoulders, he can tell that Pierce is receptive to his advances.”

pierce paris fucks dean monroeIn addition to the sights and the smells they indulge in today, Dean reminds us that sucking isn’t just for cocks anymore.

pierce paris fucks dean monroeNo wonder Dean was so hot in the “Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2” orgy scene: the man knows how to take a cock.

pierce paris fucks dean monroeAnd Paris knows how to fuck some asswith Dean’s hole, he throws him down onto the table and straddles the stud until his cock explodes into Dean’s open mouth. This is just what the doctor ordered … if only Dean were really a doctor. However, that’s one pesky detail we’re all happy to overlook. Welcome back, Dean.

[Watch Dean & Paris in “Jock Doc” scene three at Hot House]


37 thoughts on “Dean Monroe: The Human Prescription For Your Dick”

  1. Dean Monroe is the physical type of White/Caucasian homosexual male I find utterly irresistible.

    His scrotum bag and penis are so suckable; even his sweaty, smelly toes are so suckable. And he certainly knows how to take a massive cock in his delicate ass!

    However, why would he ruin his beautiful body with all of these tattoos? Come on man, Dean: There are people here who genuinely love and care about you.

    I, for one, love and genuinely care about your health and welfare.

    You need to do better, beautiful Dean Monroe.

  2. Dean looks a mess these days, unemployed and hanging on his next rent hook up. Things could have been so different if he had put the inflated ego to one side and did something positive with his life. Now he’s pushing 50 with no real hope of success in anything. What a wasted decade and for what?

      1. You would think from all the years of Dean working in porn that the acting skills would be top notch.. Alas no! I got bored a few minutes into this scene. Dean is burnt out now, admire the desire to try and cling on, but it’s obvious it’s now for a pay cheque and nothing more. Acting is more wooden than a tree!

  3. Umm i know this was posted in the summer but i just came across it and WOW you queens are all so nasty lol Dean Monroe is definitely a porn legend, im in my 20s and feel like hes been in my fantasies like since i ever started watching porn! Like he’s kind of lowkey iconic for gay porn of this era.. maybe not even lowkey. And he looks HOT tbh. My only gripe is that he doesnt seem to want to suck cock like he used to – come on dean, i KNOW u can take it all….

  4. Firstly dean isn’t a legend, so that’s an over statement. Secondly, he’s coming across as quite desperate, the alleged retirement, then bounces back with a bunch of hideous tattoos, trying to throw away the old Dean and a new dean emerged. Nonetheless it’s still a desperate middle aged guy who is caught between a rock and a hard place. Dean should use more maturity and move on, time has, but he’s oblivious to it. He’s not the man he was and never will be. They say the loud one in the room is the weakest and deans constant attempts to remain hip are simply showing this.

  5. Hope dean reads this to see exactly what people think… 100% of these comments are negative. Perhaps he will take a good look at himself in the real world apposed to the fantasy one he has become accustomed to

  6. Sorry but never seen dean as anything other than someone who rates themselves far higher than they actually are so for that reason I’d rather watch paint dry

  7. Dean is an utter joke these days. Knows he’s on his last legs so is doing anything he can to maintain what he used to have. Move on dean time has

  8. So is this the best hot house can do? Digging up an old has-been and quite frankly over rated dean monroe to star in this? There is much better out there. Really scraping the barrel with this one big time!!

  9. Used to quite fancy dean monroe but those tattoos are way over the top. It’s one thing to be individual but another to take things so far that it becomes ugly. Especially up the neck. A handsome man ruined by ‘art’

  10. Dr G Stephens Phd

    Yet another porn star comes out of retirement. Why? Because the reality is like many others Dean is so used to the fantasy that the reality doesn’t quite give the same pleasures. Guys like Dean depend on the buzz of admiration. Once you slip off the scene the only thing to get your daily dose of gratification is by posting numerous shots on social media. Porn stars are basically lazy people, normal jobs are beneath them because in their eyes they think they are great. Delusions of grandeur with Dean springs to mind. What has he got to show for his 13 years in porn? Very little. A warning to all. If you want to live in a fantasy and damage your own self worth. Head into porn.

  11. Yeah but Adam levine suits the tattoos Dean doesn’t. Dean isn’t a rock star he’s an attention seeker who ‘retired’ then crawled back with the tattoos to try and gain some form of reinvention. It doesn’t work. He’s stuck basically, years of porn has given him no other career aspirations and at the age of 46 you should know where your heading. Not a person to aspire to in my opinion. I mean who wants to aspire to be like someone who gets fucked for a living. Just a glamorised prostitute

  12. Ah yes, Dean Monroe one if the most vacuous people I have ever come across. Surprised anyone is actually casting him again.

  13. Dean repulses me these days. He comes across as fake, sad and desperate in my opinion. He’s just far too self consumed to he attractive.

  14. Dean the human prescription for your dick?? Yeah if you walk around with a hardon all day and want it to go soft instantly!

  15. Used to be a dean monroe fan, but he’s lost all credibility. Retires and clings onto some dignity them limps back a few years later with a disastrous new look in the hope he will be credible. Sorry dean but your losing the plot

  16. Don’t know what it is with dean but he never looks like he is enjoying himself and I can’t think of a time I ever saw him smile. He’s so bloody miserable in every scene… Instant turn off for me

  17. Like any narcissist, Dean has an exaggerated view of his own importance. You only have to look at his instagram page to figure that one out. What a sad life to Iive, constantly trying to win the approval and attention of others

  18. Don’t think dean is relevant anymore and certainly shouldn’t be cast given he slagged off every studio going following his scene with Tim. Just goes to show if your desperate enough you can step out of retirement and if your a desperate studio looking to drag one out of retirement then it’s possible. The studios and dean deserve each other, both as fickle and driven by self as each other

  19. OMG Dean what on earth have you done to yourself not only are you covered in hideous tattoos but your also way too lean which makes you look quite ill especially in the face. Not sure what your trying to prove but the old Dean was much more natural and sexier ☹️

  20. Dean’s cock is awful like a shrivelled up cocktail sausage, who cast this guy? If this is what is to come… Then there are plenty of better porn actors out there

  21. Desperate times call for desperate measures huh dean? I mean what else can you do other than get bent over for a few £££’s. A sad individual with a sad lifestyle whatever way you look at it

  22. Dean looks a complete mess with those tattoos. It’s nothing other than a cheap gimmick. Trying to remain current and hip but failing at the first hurdle. Should have stuck to retirement

  23. While I agree with the rest of the guys here that Dean’s tattoos are detrimental; I’m not entirely sure they’re as weird looking as Pierce Paris’ face. Needs a bag over it. Looks like what happens when you put plastic containers in the dishwasher and it gets too hot.

  24. Dean’s been around a loooooong time. He still looks great bodywise, except for those godawful, wretched tattoos. Plus, his cumshots have always been pathetic. Other than that, it’s nice to see him back.

  25. Those tattoos … Dean was so beautiful. Well, he is, yet. But I prefer him without tattoos. A so stunning body like he has doesn´t need any tattoo.
    Sincerely, this thing of tattoos became a fever … We can´t see the bodies anymore. When everybody is using tattoos, I think it became a turn off …

    1. Tattoos are so distracting from the beauty of the skin and musculature; I find them hideous and a total turnoff. I don’t mind a small tattoo on the bicep or shoulder, but that’s about it. I want to see the skin, the muscle, the hair and the sweat that define a man, not that shitty ink. My opinion; I know there are guys who like them. They’re everywhere today, which is a sad commentary on the times. Models were sooo much sexier in the past before they shaved their bodies and covered them in ink.

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