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Why Do They Call Them “Fatigues” When What’s Inside Is Never Tired?

Pierce Paris is getting some relief with a FleshJack when he’s busted by Kyle McMillan. But when Pierce turns Kyle into his human sex toy, after he finishes with his ass, the busting he does is all over Kyle’s face.

The web is overflowing with paint-by-number pedestrian porn. But every so often, a film is made that does more than just gets you off. It transports you out of the everyday in a way usually only accomplished by big screen movies or original cable series.

“Code Of Silence” from Falcon seamlessly does both – and without shortchanging us on either. And today, they are going to do it again.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconWe met Kyle McMillan last week. He’s a big dicked bottom with an almost twinkishly lean frame that looks like you could snap him in half if cracked him over your knee. As we’ll see today, that’s not a problem when you bend him over or flip him on his back. Pierce Paris has a new name. You may know him better as Pierce Hartman. But whatever his name is, checking out the whole package, I’m ready to enlist right now.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconWe’re back to the desert for visit number three and picking up with Private Kyle McMillan. Last time, he got his wind pipe stretched out by Sgt. Sean Zevran’s big pipe. This time, it’s Pierce Paris’ turn. And while his tour of duty today beings and ends with Kyle’s mouth, his big dick made a mighty important pit stop along the way.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconKyle McMillan has a camera and he’s sneaking up on Pierce Paris in his tent on the military base to see what Pierce is up to. Boy is he in for a surprise.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconAnd now that his eyes are open, a drop to the knees and his throat is opened too. And when Paris sees Kyle’s uncut meat, his mouth immediately opens wide too.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconParis bends Kyle over and his tongue goes deep to loosens Kyle up for what’s coming next. Kyle’s tight, round ass grips Paris’ fat meat like a velvet glove jacking him off from the inside out. Something tells me that Paris’ FleshJack is now ready to be re-gifted as he’s found a much better alternative.

pierce paris kyle mcmillan falconPierce has Kyle lie back with his legs in the air and that turns out to be an express lane to his magic spot. Pierce says that he wants to make Kyle cum and while those words alone would have done the trick, combine that with the intense pummeling of Pierce’s dick and Kyle discharges a load all over those leans abs. Standing over Kyle now, Paris sends his nut out on liberty, all over Kyle’s face.

But it’s their secret. Remember, no matter what happens, they are operating under the “Code Of Silence”.

[Watch Kyle & Pierce in “Code Of Silence – scene three” at Falcon]


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