Pierre Fitch: “I Love To Fuck”

Also: “The craziest place I’ve had sex with a guy was maybe, uh, near a train track.” That’s insane.

Pierre Fitch, the Energizer Bunny of gay porn stars, is back and filming for Lucas Entertainment after a brief absence while he tended to his DJ’ing career in Canada. His BTS interview and trailer is below, and it looks like he’s still got it?

Since his debut in 2003, I can’t think of any porn star who’s worked as long and held up as well (except for Brent Everett), can you guys?  Eight years in gay porn is like 800 years in real life! 

[Lucas Entertainment: Pierre Fitch in All Star Studs]


17 thoughts on “Pierre Fitch: “I Love To Fuck””

  1. He did come off kind of like an ass we he tossed the temper tantrum about the older man, who’s lap he was supposed to sit on. He shows his maturity level in this documentary which is not always a good thing. His little..I am worth more money tirade was really classless. I like Pierre more when his mouth his closed unless of course he is sucking on a cock.

  2. I used to find this guy hot but after this interview , any attraction I might have had for him is gone and will never come back . He is a DOUCHEBAG


    HIs face looks a little off too, like he has had Botox…?

    1. What was wrong with that interview? He has a great business sense and a strong drive. He seems like a great guy from that documentary. I am surprised at his demands of non-objectivefying him, but later he talks about random guys shoving their fingers into his ass, so I understand. What is the problem with him? I couldn’t get into him sexually because he reminds of Hal Sparks in QAF, and that is a guy for dating not random hooking up with.

  3. think as long as this dude has kept are cocks hard (2003) he’s allowed to be a tad flabby..and for sure aint gonna throw him out of bed for eating crackers. Give me some Fitch anytime

  4. agree the first pic is unflattering, but he is still as handsome as ever! and i blame it on the life of a dj. lots of late-night dinners consisting of nothing but fast food is what most djs go through. I’m sure that he can work it all off and he’ll get cut again.

  5. Cute Boyish looks! 8 years is a long time to look like a little boy. I’m wondering how he is going to Man up? When and how is he going to develope Manly Looks?

  6. “I can’t think of any porn star who’s worked as long and held up as well (except for Brent Everett), can you guys? Eight years in gay porn is like 800 years in real life!”

    Well if we’re going strictly by the 8 year rule, then I’d say definitely Brent Everett, Matthew Rush (just the first 8 years), maybe Rod Barry and definitely Johnny Hazzard! I’m sure there might be others, but not many.

  7. Lol Flabby.. what a bitch!

    He is hot as fuck.

    The other model.. jesus how ugly! Pierre is hot hot hot. Other one made me limp haha.

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