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Dildos! Porn Stars! Jiggly! The Hottest Pics From NakedSword’s New York Sex Show

New York’s hottest party is PLAY: LIVE! Held yesterday at New York City’s The Q, this sold-out party featured the biggest names in porn and a live version of the world’s only gay porn star game show that served up more live, explicit action than New York could have ever hoped for.

Sponsored by Falcon|NakedSword, Next Door Studios, and Mr. Man, the event boasted a completely vaccinated crowd that included everyone from adult industry heavy hitters to award-winning porn stars to iconic drag queens to admiring fans looking to get a selfies with their favorite performers.

The cocktail atmosphere before the big show was extremely high energy thanks to the help of Falcon|NakedSword exclusive and gogo god Devin Franco, fellow dancer and recent Falcon performer Luke Truong, and Hustaball’s DJ Fabrice Ketalar. The lively crowd was full of people remarking how wonderful it was to be at an in-person event and actually reconnect with friends. (One of the benefits of being fully vaccinated!)

The main event of the night was obviously PLAY: LIVE with host Marc MacNamara. The award-winning NakedSword director was joined by an array of special guests including recent RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars contestant Jiggly Caliente, Andy Cohen Live host John Hill, Falcon|NakedSword President Tim Valenti, and the most photographed nun in the world Sister Roma.

Actually competing in the live show were Falcon|NakedSword exclusives Cole Connor and Devin Franco, adult superstar Rafael Alencar, and the delicious Andre Donovan. There were multiple points in the show where these hunks (and plenty of others) were completely naked, rimming, sucking, and opening up their holes on stage in front of everyone. One challenge from host MacNamara even had the men playing with themselves to see who could get hard first.

When asked about his favorite moments from last night’s live show, MacNamara exclusively told us that he loved when Caliente and a lip-sync assassin “destroyed the stage” and the portion of the evening when Hill came out to show everyone was Andy Cohen’s orgasms sound like.

MacNamara also expressed admiration for a moment in the show where an audience member shoved a dildo up a porn star’s ass and then both Valenti and Roma were forced to sniff the dildo to guess which performer it was just inside of.

“I don’t even know what to say,” an excited MacNamara told us earlier today. “I’m just so happy and grateful for Tim for allowing me to do this and damn it was just a packed and perfect night. Our very first annual Squid Games NYC! Green light – good luck, bitch!”

Other notable guests that were spotted in the busy crowd included stars like Falcon|NakedSword exclusives Colton Reece and Max Konnor. Other big names like CockyBoys CEO Jake JaxsonMr. Man’s Phil Henricks, and gay porn icons like Chad Hunt, Spike, Bruce Beckham, Tyler Roberts, Leo Sweetwood, Riley Mitchel, and Boomer Banks also made major appearances throughout the night.

In addition to those famous porn personalities, other guests included queer favorites like Marti Gould Cummings, Frankie Sharp, Miss Beth Starfish, Mikey Dreyden, Josh Sabarra, and the New York DisOrder of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. MacNamara also mentioned to us that he heard a rumor about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stopping by the party for a moment.

If you missed out on the show and are desperately trying to see Valenti sniff a fake dick or find out which porn star was actually crowned the official King of New York, don’t worry! The Falcon|Nakedsword superstar production team of Steve Cruz, Leo Forte, and Brian Bonds were on deck and recording the entire show, so you’ll be able to eventually stream this entire show exclusively on

All photos by Wilsonmodels


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  2. “…to be at an in-person event and actually reconnect with friends. (One of the benefits of being fully vaccinated!)”

    Yes, let the “dirty” ones sit alone locked up in their homes, while the “clean” ones are outside living it up, sucking dicks and eating asses. What a glorious world this will turn out to be.

    1. Fuck you and your jab ! My neighbor got the jab he also caught Covid . You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Seems like to me all you scared vaxxed are the ones sitting home with your masks on. Get a job …

      1. Someone doesn’t understand that vaccines aren’t 100% effective and that having one most likely limited the severity of their “neighbor’s” infection, but hey why ignore clearly stated facts?

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