Playgirl To Jeff Stryker: “You’re Fat”

Knocking up the teenage daughter of America’s favorite former 1/2 term governor and revered historian will get you on the cover of America’s favorite magazine with pictures of penises, Playgirl, and you don’t even have to show your penis. But, apparently, being a gay porn legend with a penis that you’re actually willing to show will not.

That’s if you believe the story in a letter that Jeff Stryker wrote to Playgirl’s Daniel Nardicio (sent by Jeff Stryker to somehow obtained by Michael Musto), which chronicles the sad, fat, anti-gay porn rejection that Stryker says he experienced after he tried to land a spread in the magazine. If you think it’s crazy that someone would go to this much trouble to be in a print publication (which hasn’t actually been sent to the printer since last November) in 2011, you don’t know the crazy that is Jeff Stryker, who last made news when he complained about a noisy nightclub that allegedly prevented him from finishing his memoir.

Here’s Jeff Stryker complaining about Playgirl:

Hello Daniel,

After a couple of months, Larry got me the message thru Rick that ‘you thought I was fat from seeing recent pictures’. What recent pictures, I asked Rick?, I haven’t allowed myself to be photographed for years. So I ran upstairs, put the camera timer on and posed with my dog. Just to establish, sure I wasn’t tan, I hadn’t been working out, but I sure as hell wasn’t fat ;-)

The word then from Larry was ‘they want you to come and do a test shoot’. I thought that strange because I can have that arranged and done here, and I told them I could do that. I have shot 34 movie titles that I own, produced, directed and distributed worldwide, shot hundreds of layouts in years past, etc. So, after a few months of delay and hearing nothing from Larry (or Rick regarding Larry), I thought I’d go ahead and set up a shoot…

Then Larry said Playgirl isn’t interested because Jeff has been in gay porn and that wasnt the image Playgirl wanted. Without even seeing the pictures or hearing the angle of the story! Hhhmmmm, I thought, Hustler was also very homophobic but I not only had been in their magazine layouts 3 times…but I had also sold them 2 layouts of myself and Jamie Summers and one of myself and Flame (porn girl) after they had told me they don’t buy layouts.

Yeah, well, Playgirl has featured countless gay porn stars in both their print and online editions, including Trevor Knight, Derrek Diamond, Shane Frost, Jeremy Bilding, Cory Koons, Jayden Grey, Blu Kennedy, Reese Rideout, and about 1000 others, so either Jeff Stryker is lying or “Larry” is lying. Or, both of them are lying and Playgirl just got some free, advance press on their upcoming Jeff Stryker issue.

[Michael Musto; Playgirl]


12 thoughts on “<em>Playgirl</em> To Jeff Stryker: “You’re Fat””

  1. g.k. bridges-tollison

    I think the human body is beautiful in all forms. I modeled when I weighed 98 lbs, and then when I was 135lbs, and they both look good. I decided to forgo pics when I was 171 lbs (I’m 5’8” and now 128 lbs), but I love to see a sexy (and Stryker is a sex God) being honest, showing that age can be sexier than youth. Experience counts!

  2. g.k. bridges-tollison

    Hey Stryker’s a legend, and did fantastic work, breaking new ground, (and ass) and transgressing tired taboos before most of you were born. I’d love to see him now, older and pudgy if he is, to show the world he is still a firework and mature men, bellies and all, can be hot. Especially when there’s Stryker’s penis attached! send me a new pic any day Jeff–I’ll keep it in my scrapbook forever.

    Keep it up!

  3. Having just photographed Jeff less than two weeks ago for the Playgirl test shots I will swear on my late dog’s grave that Jeff is definitely not fat. His body is in better shape than most guys half his age. He has rock hard abs, pecs for days and that big ol dick gets rock hard. Playgirl has always been a lost cause. They would be lucky to have someone of Jeff’s popularity. Mick Hicks

  4. What does Jeff Stryker look like these days? if anyone can link me up to a current picture of him (nude or clothed doesn’t matter) I would appreciate it

  5. I am pretty sure “You are fat” was the nice version of what they really thought he looks like these days.

    Using the fact his name popped up in this item that has little to do with him, I wanna ask a question that I had been hoping to ask for a while now: where is Blu? They gave him that Hot House contract, he had that scene with Topher DiMaggio and since then, nothing. Am I being too impatient or …?

    You really should write an item someday about porn stars with a huge following and that everybody likes on a personal level but that studios inexplicably keep on treating poorly. Blu would definitely be at the top of that list.

    1. Apparently Zach only has love for Samuel and Chris, along with Brett Corrigan to which I could only exclaim, yuck..oh, yeah, and Blu would be on my yuck list too!

  6. Probably a combination of many things, one being that today’s young people probably have never heard of Jeff Stryker.

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