Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis

Playin’ With Precum: Do You Like a Leaker?

Do you like when a dick head starts glistening with an ever-growing strand of pre-spooge juice? Do you like to finger it and then rub it on the shaft and your own nipples? Then lick it off your finger before deep throating that dick, the wet spot ticking the back of your throat? (Maybe it’s just me?)

With a cock and balls as big as Leo Louis is offering, you just know he’s got a precum factory working overtime in that basket. Especially when he’s being all butch on the basketball court, which attracts the attention of onlooker Benjamin Blue. The less said about Leo’s shooting technique on the court, the better. But to make up for it, we get some bouncing ball puns.

Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis

Benjamin is more interested in the big balls in Leo’s shorts, and soon is sucking him outside (dear lord I love seeing a mouth stretched wide and struggling on Leo’s thick shaft) before offering his hole for munching.

Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis

They head inside to take it further, with Benjamin sucking his bud again before getting his own uncut slab slurped on. Benjamin is soon getting fucked on his side, leading to one of my favorite porn shots—the bottom showing off his own hard shaft by tucking it under his legs as he gets fucked (there is zero reason to ever do this unless there’s a camera in front of you, but it sure does look nice!).

Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis Benjamin Blue, Leo Louis

Leo puts Benjamin on all fours to pound him harder, with the bottom soon taking control and thrusting his hole back, fucking himself on the big cock. Benjamin gets fucked doggy, and impressively has a hands-free mini-orgasm. The top keeps plowing until Benjamin begins shooting a massive load, Leo pulling out to shoot at the same time.

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6 thoughts on “Playin’ With Precum: Do You Like a Leaker?”

  1. I luv a leaky cock! Mmmm! I had a boyfriend and the precum literally flowed from his cock. Once he got excited it was like a faucet had been turned on. I loved to suck it up as it was very sweet. We always had ample natural lube for having sex. We never used anything else, but his precum. It was super hot!

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