Cade Maddox, Pol Prince

Pol Prince Takes An XL Penis In Parisian Premiere

We’re finally jetting off to Paris for our First Mission! After some intense teasing and the release of the film’s suspenseful trailer, the boys over at NakedSword have finally begun dropping scenes from the third movie of The Swords saga – the action franchise that sees porn stars doubling as undercover secret agents for the government.

Like we previously mentioned in our coverage of this film, this movie picks up where the series’ first Swords left off with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Andre Donovan has left his training center in Tahoe and spending his first night in Europe. (For those of you who are hardcore Andre fans, you’ll even notice that as Andre wakes up in France, his alarm sound in the movie is actually his own original song from the award-winning Raging Stallion mini-series RIDE OR DIE.)

We don’t get to see much from Andre though before we’re taken to a nearby bathhouse where we’re introduced to Sword agent Pol Prince as he meets up with Cade Maddox – who is actually playing the villain in this story. Uninterested in talking with Pol while having an undrained cock, Cade convinces Pol to go down on him before slipping a truth pill into the secret agent’s open mouth with his talented tongue. In the privacy of the vacant space, the two then test the bathhouse waters by fucking in the pool and later the floor with Pol taking every inch of Cade’s award-winning cock.

We won’t spoil any additional details on that truth pill Cade used on Pol, but we’ll definitely get more into the experimental new drug next week as more important plot points unfold in this international adventure. While we wait for that though, go ahead and take a look below for some action shots of this First Mission hookup with Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cade Maddox and Pol Prince:

So what do you think of this First Mission premiere with Pol and Cade? Let us know all your hot thoughts in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this movie, be sure to check out this full fuck over at!

[Watch ‘First Mission’ ft. Cade Maddox & Pol Prince]


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