gay frat house cum dumps gangbangs

Poppers, Duct Tape, Brew, & Cum Dumps

Bottom degradation becomes an Olympic sport. Or as they call it at the frat house, “Funday Sunday.”

Now we know. If you get busted jacking off at Fraternity X, it’s you hole that’s next. It doesn’t matter if you like it.

Here the bottoms are nothing more than soulless fuck holes for tops who never pick up a condom — or bother to put their beers down.

gay frat house cum dumps gangbangs“We caught Tyler spanking it to our porn videos. It’s not secret the little house bitch likes getting gang-banged. This dude does a hit of poppers and you can’t get a dick up far enough. His cries are screams of pleasure. So we duct taped his mouth shut. Fucked his dumb ass while watching the game.” ~FratBoy

gay frat house cum dumps gangbangsSince taking turns would allow the buzz to mellow, no such formalities. Especially when a Sunday spit-roast will feed all the brothers.

gay frat house cum dumps gangbangsMikey doesn’t like labels. When he calls Tyler a, “fucking cock-hungry cum bitch,” it’s a term of endearment.

gay frat house cumdumps gangbangsNo wonder they stay so well hydrated. All that jizz and still enough to creampie his ass.

[Watch “Sunday Funday” at Fraternity X]

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