Pornographers Are Now America’s Sex Ed Teachers. Like it? Or Not?

Kids aren’t learning about sex in schools or even “in the streets” these days. They are learning it from porn. Most have no other choice.

The NYTimes Sunday Review stated a compelling fact over the weekend. To compensate for the knowledge vacuum caused by the escalating disappearance of sex education in American schools, kids are turning to porn.

Welcome to the “Land of the Misinformed and Ignored” heterosexual boys and girls. We’ve been waiting for you.

“When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?” was written by Peggy Orenstein with a feminist sensibility yet resonates right here at The Sword. Porn has always been an important part of the sex education in a gay man’s life because porn celebrates our sexuality and everything else condemns it. Additionally, “reverse cowboy” was certainly never taught in any school save the occasional Catholic one a few times.

Standard “sex ed” occurs in less than half of American high schools currently. Only 23 states require it; only 13 mandate medical accuracy. Porn is filling in the blanks. What is both notable and joyful to me was learning that the current Generation Z is utilizing porn in a much healthier way than Generations A-Y could comprehend. They do so without shame and with a much greater sense of self and truth.

“In fact, according to a survey of college students in Britain, 60 percent consult pornography, at least in part, as though it were an instruction manual, even as nearly three-quarters say that they know it is as realistic as pro wrestling.”

The article also mentions that high school Brits and buggery are equal opportunity employers. A British medical journal found that it was mainly 16-18 boys who pushed for “fifth base,” anal sex. But as Indiana University discovered. American boys would rather go in the attic than the basement.

“Boys, meanwhile, used masturbating on their own as a reason girls should perform oral sex, which was typically not reciprocated. As one of a group of college sophomores informed me, “Guys will say, ‘A hand job is a man job, a blow job is yo’ job.’ ” The other women nodded their heads in agreement.

Discussions of blowjobs and ass banging occurred in high schools before the internet. The difference is now high schoolers are learning more about sex from porn than in a biology class. Parents who couldn’t handle their sexuality got a pass from teachers who used to do the instruction for them. Growing numbers are getting too freaked even for that. Porn is picking up the slack. Just like it did for us all along.

Porn Kills Love
“Porn Kills Love” is an “anti-smut” campaign from the Mormon Church
Society at large has a responsibility to separate fact from fiction like this for their young,

Billboards like these are part of the fear mongering campaign of Michael Weinstein  and the AHF
Billboards like these are part of the fear mongering campaign of Michael Weinstein and the AHF
Just like we have to separate fear from truth like this for ours.

Since pornographers are now sex ed teachers even if only by default, imagine if modern study sessions looked like this. Or better yet, just watch.

[Watch Diego Sans and Jack Hunter have a “cram session”]

“A hand job is a man job, a blow job is yo’ job.” The other women nodded their heads in agreement.” Agreement! Certaily no arguments here. It must be true then. Pornographers have replaced sex ed teachers in America.

You’re welcome.

Class dismissed.

Sex ed in less than half of our schools: did that surprise you too?

5 thoughts on “Pornographers Are Now America’s Sex Ed Teachers. Like it? Or Not?”

  1. I have no problem that porn is teaching sex ed. That said [and especially in gay porn] unprotected sex is increasing at an alarming rate and while there are notifications at the beginning of the videos, they only exist for legal purposes. If they provided a link to where they can learn more or kept bareback to adults who are educated [which admittedly is a very difficult thing to do] then we could see education from all dimensions and what’s wrong with keeping ourselves safer? The problem exists with videos from videos like Breed Me Raw/Bareback That Hole or Treasure Island/SX Video that gives zero information. Most of their featured actors are on drugs and have HIV/AIDS and other diseases and worse yet, they act like HIV and other STDs are a prize/trophy. It’s hard to control who actually view it and even those without safe sex education are unaware of the risks and still have access to these videos!

    1. The bareback gay porn of Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher and BelAmi almost never gets singled out for glorifying unprotected gay sex. How come? Because it portrays healthy and happy middle class guys? If there ever was a trap …

    2. Uhhhhhh….. no. Porn should never be used as a replacement for actual education. Porn is acting and entertainment. It’s not an entertainer job to be a parent or be a teacher. You sound like someone who is way too invested in porn where you’re actually getting your life lessons from it. It should never be used as such.

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