Potential Lawsuit from General Mills Leads To Edit In Cody Cummings’ “Lucky Charms” Milking Scene

I can’t.

If you liked Cody Cummings’ attempt at jumping on the gay porn bandwagon by doing a milking scene last month, you’ll just love that he had to change the name of that scene due to a potential copyright lawsuit from Lucky Charms.

This, believe it or not, is not an Onion article:

First reported by the gay porn blog thesword.com, NDS depicted codycummings.com namesake Cody Cummings and Jayden Ellis in an explicit scene with a box of General Mills’ Lucky Charms cereal and a glass of milk. The cereal and milk are both pictured being poured by Ellis over Cummings’ behind, flowing over his anus and testicles, and ending up in a bowl on a couch. The scene goes on to show Ellis repeatedly pouring Lucky Charms over Cummings. Spoiler Alert: it ends with Cummings ejaculating into a spoonful of the cereal, which Ellis then eats. Another General Mills slogan, “Breakfast of Champions,” is the title of the scene.

You would think that the amount of publicity from a lawsuit would be something that Next Door would try and (sorry) milk for all its worth. But no.

When contacted by SFGN, NDS owner Stephan Sirard explained he was unaware of the use of the trademark slogan in the film, citing editors and producers make those decisions.

“Using that trademark was a bad idea and it will be changed,” he said.


In an email to SFGN, General Mills’ Director of Public Relations Kirstie Foster wrote “We were unaware of this video.” She added though, “a company’s options can be somewhat limited in such cases.”  Foster declined to say whether General Mills was planning on taking legal action. But a well-known Fort Lauderdale attorney, intellectual property specialist Miriam Richter, told SFGN that NDS could potentially be facing legal ramifications.

“Breakfast of Champions” is now called “More Than a Mouthful”:

But wait! Oh, dear…

Oh no!

“More Than A Mouthful” belongs to somebody else, too, and they might not like their very heterosexual slogan being used to advertise something so very homosexual. Can’t poor Cody Cummings catch a break?

[South Florida Gay News; Cody Cummings]


10 thoughts on “Potential Lawsuit from General Mills Leads To Edit In Cody Cummings’ “Lucky Charms” Milking Scene”

  1. Sometimes you make me laugh, Zach. And sometimes you make me cough up a lung.

    You now owe me a lung.

    You’re an evil bastard, sir. And I say that with love. Actually, not ‘say’ – it’s more of a emphysema-driven wheeze.

    1. Thanks, that answers my question. When I first saw this headline I thought, “Why would he write another Cody Cummings article when 62% of The Sword readers said they don’t want articles about him anymore?”

        1. CC Bill? The links in this post are to BuddyProfits/Gamma, not CC Bill (which manages billing for Sean Cody, Dominic Ford, etc.).

          Nearly every studio (not just Cody Cummings) written about on The Sword is done so with the use of affiliate links so that if people click over and buy a membership, The Sword gets a small percentage of the profit. That’s the way the business works, as you’ve no doubt seen on every other blog using affiliate links. If that bothers you, I encourage you to not buy memberships and don’t click the links (my salary is not connected to sales so it doesnt affect me either way; I post stories that generate traffic and comments, not revenue). So if you’re truly upset, your best move is to stop clicking on my blog posts and contributing to my traffic.

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