Presented Without Comment: David Forest’s New Model “Tigris Woods”

“The Egyptian Gods of the Nile sent us a unique new star!”

“TIGRIS is a 22 yr. old, son of an Egyptian Army General … raised on the East Coast … now living in So. Calif.   He is an American citizen with ALL necessary I.D.  At 6’2”/195 lbs. Tigris is a hairy TOP hunk.”

“TIGRIS is available for internet and DVD scenes.”

“Let us know if you’re interested to meet TIGRIS before shooting him.”


(OK, one comment: I can’t wait till David Forest discovers his next model, “KC Anthony.”)



18 thoughts on “Presented Without Comment: David Forest’s New Model “Tigris Woods””

  1. Just adding my 2-cents since David-forest’s didn’t say he was gay then one most assume that he is gay4pay & he is 6-feet and 190 pounds & also mid-eastern and is a American citizen now & looking for work in gay-porn is the gay-porn industry really that scared of real gay porn-stars that they can’t seem to find any it’s porno consumers loss

  2. I have no problem with his nose. There’s quite a bit of porn stars that I don’t consider having a very attractive nose. I won’t name names as I don’t want to start anything. But I can get beyond an awkward nose if everything else is still great!

  3. Christine Marinoni

    Thank you AJ for saying what we all must be thinking… Get a load of that schnoz! Times are tough in rock ‘n roll, when this is what passes for fresh trade meat.

    1. Just once I wish someone like you who mocks others would post your own pic. Let’s see how perfect you are

  4. He’s cute. Can image him in one of those raging stallion arabian themed movies.

    Not so convinced about the name… since when did porn names try be like drag names?

    1. Hey, we all have days like that sometimes. Like the time on QueerMeNow when I suggested that the only reason Brodie Sinclair had returned to do a bottoming scene was because he must have got some skank pregnant and needed the abortion money. That’s what got me banned from there, btw.

      1. OMG you got banned , very sorry to hear that , I found that comment hilarious too and it’s probably not far from the truth!!

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