Presenting The Sword’s 2011 Cocksucker Of The Year: Christopher Daniels

It’s only August and The Sword is already prepared to award someone with the title of Best Cocksucker Of 2011? Yes. The blond on the left going balls deep on Donny Wright is Christopher Daniels, and he wins.

Daniels first proved himself earlier this year when he deep-throated Samuel O’Toole–not an easy task. Then I saw him guzzling down two uncut Euro cocks in Titan’s Intuition. Since then, it’s been one massive schlong swallowing scene after another (studios keep pairing him with the most well-endowed models) for Daniels, and it’s time to acknowledge his work.

I’m not sure who to be jealous of more: the people Christopher Daniels is sucking off or Christopher Daniels himself for being so talented. Self-proclaimed blowjob experts, take note:


[Landon Conrad Fucks Christopher Daniels]

Also? He’s cute.

It’s always the clean cut, angelic looking guys who are the biggest and best pigs, isn’t it?


[Castro Fucks Christopher Daniels]

His most recent release, with Colin Black: 

[Colin Black Fucks Christopher Daniels]

 And last but not least, Colt’s Brock Richmond and a human vacuum:

[Colt: Brock Richmond and Christopher Daniels
Congratulations, 2011’s Cocksucker Of The Year Christopher Daniels! Use your title wisely (i.e., keep sucking that dick).


6 thoughts on “Presenting The Sword’s 2011 Cocksucker Of The Year: Christopher Daniels”

  1. If you want to see a Cocksucker, let me know of a place where I can Suck Off Men’s Dicks back to back up to 19.5 hours daily, 7 days a week, and I’ll be there for a whole year or more just to gain an official tittle of “Cocksucker of The Year.”

  2. Always nice to see a man giving a penis the love and worship it deserves. And that Brock Richmond is hella cute!

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